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    Working from home


    Reduce stress, collaborate better and make this a good experience with these tips.


    Tips for working from home.

    • Set up a designated work space with minimal distractions (which may be hard with kids, pets or others in the home—just do your best).
    • Clarify performance and communication expectations with your Crewleader and team.
    • Plan out your day to help you stay focused.
    • Choose the best form of communication for your task. Phone or video calls are generally good for complex discussions; chats can handle simple requests.
    • Check in regularly with your team to avoid feeling disconnected.
    • Follow daily routine activities (like getting dressed for work vs. staying in your PJ’s all day).
    • Show empathy toward other Crewmembers (such as being patient with background noise on calls).
    • Keep your work-life balance in check, especially if you share a space with loved ones. Let your family know your work hours and when it’s acceptable to interrupt.
    • Take breaks.
    • Be kind to you—practice good self-care strategies to maintain your health (eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, take vitamins and exercise).
    • Clarify and re-clarify goals and roles, and rethink work patterns to accommodate working remotely.
    • Help your team handle new stresses and bring in additional resources as needed.
    • Keep everyone in mind so certain people don’t become “out of sight, out of mind.”
    • Connect your team with each other through regularly scheduled meetings and encourage them to call each other.
    • Create a virtual water cooler chat by asking your team for personal updates.
    • Humanize communication by calling people and using video calls, so team members get a chance to read emotions.
    • Help your team understand that everyone’s individual work environment comes with different challenges.
    • Be sure to show empathy and be available to talk when a team member is feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

    Watch LinkedIn videos.

    Visit LinkedIn learning to access many videos that will help you learn how to work from home efficiently. From setting boundaries with loved ones and managing interruptions to planning breaks and building productive relationships—explore to learn more.