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    The basics.

    The basics.

    Navigator—your Crewmember Assistance Program—provides access to Talkspace, which makes online therapy convenient and accessible to you from anywhere, at any time.

    With Navigator, you and your household members, even if you are not enrolled in JetBlue Medical, can get six free sessions with a licensed counselor (per issue per year) for help with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, grief and more. You can connect with a counselor in person or through Virtual Visits. Talkspace gives you another option.

    Talkspace is an alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy—offering a convenient, safe and secure platform to connect with its network of 5,000 licensed therapists across all 50 states. With Talkspace you can use your web browser or the Talkspace mobile app to send unlimited text, video and audio messages to your dedicated therapist. No commutes, appointments or scheduling hassles.

    How it works.

    Talkspace offers:

    • Support for anxiety, depression, PTSD and other conditions. Specialized clinicians are also available for conditions like substance use, eating or compulsive disorders.
    • Regular communication via in-app text, voice and video messages, or even face-to-face video visits—you choose! A therapist responds daily, five days a week, so you don’t have to wait between appointments.
    • No appointment necessary—therapy can start immediately from home, work or any other private location.
    • Provider matching—thousands of licensed providers are available across all 50 states and are matched to your location, needs and preferences.

    Using an authorization code from Navigator, you’ll get six weeks of access to Talkspace or six live video sessions. One session generally equals one week of access with unlimited messages to your therapist (for a total of six weeks per year) or one completed live video session (for a total of 6 live sessions).

    Click here for more information about Talkspace and how it works.

    How to access services:

    1. Call BlueCarpet (1-866-529-1675) and provide your information, then say “Navigator.” Navigator will assess your needs and give you an authorization code for your free counseling through Talkspace.
    2. Visit and register for a Talkspace account using your authorization code. Click on the “Use my Employee Assistance Program (EAP)” box.
    3. Once you complete your registration, you’ll be matched to a therapist based on your location, needs and preferences. Your dedicated therapist will conduct a 10-minute introductory call to let you know what to expect.

    Questions about accessing Talkspace? Click here to view FAQs  or for additional support, email

    What are the age requirements for using Talkspace?

    What are the age requirements for using Talkspace?

    Talkspace is available to eligible individuals ages 13 or older. Individuals under age 18 are matched with providers that have adolescent specialties and parental consent is obtained based on state requirements. Check out the Talkspace Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

    What happens after my six weeks of Talkspace access have exhausted?

    What happens after my six weeks of Talkspace access have exhausted?

    If you’re enrolled in a JetBlue Medical Option, you can continue seeing your same Talkspace provider or a different one using your Behavioral Health Support coverage (through Optum). You will need to visit and select, “Use Insurance Benefits” option and click on “Get Started.” Then enter your Subscriber Number, which is three zeros followed by your 5-digit Crewmember ID, as well as your Group ID number, which is 15337.  The cost of each week of access or live video session will be applied to your deductible and co-insurance.

    If you’re not enrolled in JetBlue Medical, you can continue with Talkspace by subscribing for an out-of-pocket fee.


    If you have questions about changing your provider, using Talkspace via Navigator if you already have a Talkspace Account, or more, check out these FAQs on the Talkspace website or  here on lifeisbetterinblue. For additional support, email