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    Steer clear of COVID-19


    It’s important to practice good hygiene—now more than ever.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind.

    Wash your hands frequently.

    20 seconds is the amount you need—sing a song or hum a tune while you scrub.

    Practice social distancing.

    Do your part by staying at least six feet apart from others while in public.

    Keep your hands away from your face.

    Try not to touch your eyes or mouth, unless you have just washed your hands.

    Use your elbow when you sneeze.

    Practice coughing or sneezing into your elbow to keep germs contained.

    Wipe your devices regularly.

    Disinfect common surfaces, like your keyboard or phone screen every day. They are breeding grounds for germs!

    Don’t forget your daily dose of Vitamin D.

    Take regular walks outside to get some exercise and sun. You’ll feel happier and be more productive during the day!