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    Get to know the refreshed Navigator, your mental wellness benefit powered by Spring Health

    Get to know the refreshed Navigator, your mental wellness benefit powered by Spring Health.

    About Navigator.

    About Navigator.

    Navigator is your  mental wellness benefit offered through JetBlue’s Business Partner, Spring Health. Navigator is designed to help you improve your mental health, reduce stress, get better sleep and experience more joy (and less burnout). On average, people who use Spring Health’s services recover 8 weeks faster. It’s fast, easy, personalized care that’s free and available to you and your household members. Even better, you can access care on your schedule from anywhere, anytime, via mobile app or web.

    Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority. Spring Health does not share your information or whether you use our services with JetBlue. We only use your assessment to create a personalized care plan to help you get better, faster. Navigator is a confidential program and does not report your personal information back to JetBlue in accordance with state and federal privacy laws.​​

    All U.S.-based Crewmembers and their household members (age 6+) have free access to Spring Health through Navigator.

    It’s easy: visit to register. After you’ve completed a short wellness assessment, you’ll receive a personalized care plan. You will be prompted to connect with your own Care Navigator, a dedicated clinician who will provide guidance, schedule appointments, and, most importantly, support you through your care plan. Once you complete your assessment, you can begin seeking care that is right for you.

    If you contact BlueCarpet, and say “Navigator” you will be connected with Navigator through Spring Health. A BlueCarpet advocate can also transfer you over to Spring Health. However, the easiest way to get connected to Spring Health is to go to, or contact your Care Team at or by calling 1-855-629-0554.

    The refreshed Navigator offers easy, fast, and personalized care designed to help you stress less and achieve mental wellness. Powered by Spring Health, Navigator now gives all U.S.-based Crewmembers and their household members (age 6+) access to:

    • Care anywhere. Spring Health web and mobile app make it easy to get quick and confidential mental health support whenever and wherever you need it.
    • Personalized care. Take an easy, confidential online behavioral health assessment. It will help Spring Health zero in on the right care plan for you. The care plan might include therapy, coaching, wellness-focused audio tips (known as Moments), or a combination of care pathways.
    • Dedicated, one-on-one support. Your Care Navigator is a licensed clinician who takes away the guesswork during care. They can help you find the right therapist, schedule appointments, give advice, and check in with you throughout your journey. You can have unlimited check-ins with your Care Navigator.
    • Confidential therapy. Meet with a trusted mental health provider that you’re comfortable talking to, and at times that fit your schedule, including nights and weekends. Spring Health providers have an average 9.4 rating (out of 10) among members.
    • Diverse network. You have choices in a provider network made to be as diverse as the people they support. Find a therapist you can relate to across specialty, gender, ethnicity, and language: 47% of Spring Health providers identify as BIPOC.
    • Wellness tips and coaching. Use Moments, a wellness-focused audio library on tips for improving emotional wellness. Topics include anxiety, burnout, sleep hygiene, mindfulness and more. You can also connect with a professional coach to help with setting and meeting goals.
    • Family care. Kids need mental wellness care, too, and that’s why Navigator includes fast access to children’s therapists. Spring Health is available to household members age 6+.

    From one day to the next, our mental wellness can range from thriving to struggling. No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s important that you find the care you need. The refreshed Navigator makes it easy to get care—whether you’re at home or on the go—with a digital-first platform. Spring Health takes away the guesswork and helps you and your household members (age 6+) find the right care quickly—with convenient access to culturally competent mental health professionals—and personalized guidance. And care is effective: 78% of Spring users with depression improved within 3 months; 80% improved from anxiety.

    Navigator ensures you have access to fast, personalized care. Getting started is easy: first, you’ll take a quick wellness assessment. Your dedicated Care Navigator will help you understand your assessment, schedule sessions, check in with you along the way, and create a personalized care plan. Your plan might include therapy, coaching, Moments (wellness-focused audio library), or a combination of care. Don’t worry if you have a lot of questions: access to your Care Navigator is unlimited.

    Spring Health’s network includes culturally diverse mental health professionals, including 47% who identify as BIPOC. It’s easy to find someone you’ll be comfortable talking to: just browse Spring Health’s network and filter by specialties, gender, ethnicity, and languages spoken (including English, Spanish and 25 additional languages).

    You’ll start talking to your new therapist in only 1 to 2 days (that’s faster than the national average wait time of 5 to 6 weeks). 6 sessions per year are covered by JetBlue, at no cost to you. With your therapist, you can talk confidentially about anything, from burnout to family to work. They’re experts in helping you navigate complex emotions and find ways to experience more happiness (and less stress). Spring Health members see recovery after 4.6 therapy sessions on average.

    For additional support at your own pace, you’ll also have access to Moments (a wellness-focused audio library). Designed for emotional tune-ups at home or on the go, Moments can help you feel better fast, with tips on burnout, mindfulness, meditation, sleep, anxiety, and more. You can access Moments from anytime, anywhere, via the Spring Health web or mobile app.

    Navigator can help you better handle a lot of different (and very human!) emotions and experiences, including:

    • Prolonged depression, sadness, or irritability
    • Feelings of extreme highs and lows
    • Excessive fears, worries, and anxieties
    • Strong feelings of anger
    • Social withdrawal
    • Inability to cope with daily problems or activities
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Numerous unexplained physical ailments
    • Substance abuse
    • Intense fear of weight gain
    • Prolonged negative mood
    • Difficulties focusing at work
    • Loss of interest in hobbies and/or socializing

    Your enhanced Navigator also includes:

    • One-on-one personalized support with a Care Navigator. Your Care Navigator is available to help you create and maintain your care plan, schedule sessions with your therapist, and answer questions. You have unlimited meetings with your Care Navigator and can count on them to provide guidance throughout your mental wellness journey.
    • Coaching. Coaching is different from therapy and may be included in your care plan. Spring Health coaches can help you set and work toward your goals, including finding purpose, developing a greater sense of adaptability, and building confidence and self-esteem as progress is being made.
    • Moments, a wellness-focused audio library of tips on mental wellness topics. Moments are just that: short, easy-to-access tips you can listen to whenever you have a moment or two. Spring Health’s library includes tips on burnout, mindfulness, sleep, meditation, anxiety, and more. Moments are brief but incredibly effective: 30% of Moments users felt an immediate reduction in symptoms.

    You can access a wellness-focused audio library of tips called Moments from the Spring Health app on mobile or your web account. The mobile app is available for free by searching “Spring Health Mobile” in the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Whether you’re practicing mindfulness at home or looking to reduce your anxiety on your commute to work, Moments exercises are designed to give you immediate relief. You’ll also pick up long-term skills to improve your mental wellness. You can use Moments for exercises that will help with stress, finding calm, anxiety, sleep, substance use, relationships, and more. Moments users report an 87% reduction in anxiety symptoms and a 40% reduction in symptoms for eating disorders.



    Follow these steps to get started:

    • Visit to create your free Spring Health account.
    • Once you’ve clicked “Create My Account”, enter your preferred email (work or personal) and phone number to get started.
    • Then, review Spring Health’s Electronic Communication Agreement, and click “Verify Your Benefit”
    • You will receive a verification email to your email address.
    • In the verification email, click “Activate Your Benefit.”
    • A new window will open in your web browser where you will re-enter your personal email, and then click “Activate Your Benefit.” This is also where you can add your household members.
    • At the end of your assessment, you’ll immediately see your results and a personalized treatment plan, including a recommendation to meet with your dedicated Care Navigator.
    • Download the Spring Health app (App Store/Google Play) and log in to your account to schedule and manage appointments, and use Moments.
    • Need help? Reach out to Spring Health by emailing, or by calling 1-855-629-0554, Monday-Friday (0800-2000 ET)

    You can book and manage therapy for kids and teens age 6-17.

    If you’re seeking care for your child or teen between the ages of 6-17, you’ll create and manage a Spring Health account on their behalf using your account, then will need to provide their full name, email address, and date of birth. You’ll be prompted to sign an electronic informed consent, and can then immediately find a therapist and directly schedule and manage their appointments.

    You can also help your household members get access to care independently.

    Household members ages 18+: If your household member is over 18 years old, they will be able to create their own Spring Health account, either by email invitation sent from your account or directly from Spring Health at Their account will not be linked to yours and you will not have access to manage their sessions or appointments.

    Add your household members…

    For kids and teens ages 6-17:

    • Visit
    • Log in to your Spring Health account.
    • You’ll be prompted to create an account on behalf of your child.
    • Use your child’s first and last name, address, date of birth, and email address.
      • Note: You must use a separate email address for your child’s account. This may be a unique email address or an alias of your own.
    • For ongoing care needs, you will be able to access your child’s Spring Health account directly within your own account.

    Using your registered account, invite household members age 18+:

    • Visit
    • Log in to your Spring Health account.
    • From your home page, scroll to “Things to Do” and select “Get care for your family” and follow the instructions to send an email invitation to your household member. 
    • Your household member will receive an invitation email from Spring Health and can click “Activate Your Benefit” to sign up.

    Then, sign up your household members for Navigator…

    Your household member (age 18+) can sign up for Navigator without an invitation by visiting and following these instructions:

    • Select “Create an Account.”
    • Under “Who is signing up?”, select “Spouse, partner, dependent.”
    • Complete the required verification information. Verification information includes your Name, Date of Birth, and Email Address, as well as the eligible JetBlue Crewmember’s Name, Date of Birth, and (optional) JetBlue Email Address.
      • Note: If verification is not immediate, you will receive an email from Spring Health within 1 hour confirming your verification and providing instructions to create your account.
    • Once verification is complete, follow the instructions in the email to create an account online, including entering in a code to confirm your email address and complete an online mental health assessment that can take up to 5 minutes to complete, depending on your needs.
    • At the end of your assessment, you’ll immediately see your results and a personalized treatment plan, including a potential recommendation to meet with your dedicated Care Navigator.
    • Your Care Navigator will walk you through your results and care options and answer any questions you might have.


    Crisis Support.

    Spring Health Crisis Support line provides instant, confidential support at no cost to you. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. If you feel like you need to speak with a licensed professional now and cannot wait to book an appointment, call the Spring Health Crisis Support Line: 1 (855) 629-0554 (option 2). A licensed professional will answer your call within 60 seconds. Support from Spring Health is available when you need immediate assistance, life-threatening or not. You do not need to activate or log in to your Spring Health account to call.

    If you or someone you know is at risk of danger, call 911 immediately. If you need to speak with a licensed professional, call the Spring Health Crisis Support Line or the other resources listed below. You do not need to activate or log in to your Spring Health account to access the following:

    • Emergencies: 911
    • Spring Health Crisis Support Line: 1 (855) 629-0554 (option 2)
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK)
    • Prefer to text? National Crisis Text Line: Text “NOW” to 741-741

    For more information, please reach out to or call (855) 629-0554.


    Care Navigators.

    Spring Health Care Navigators are licensed, masters-level educated mental health professionals. Your Care Navigator can help you find providers and book appointments, provide guidance, answer questions, and schedule regular check-ins with you along the way. We recommend you have regular check-ins with your Care Navigator and anytime you need help. They can assist with stress management, time management, resiliency, and more.

    For assistance, email the Spring Health Care Navigation team at, or by calling 1-855-629-0554 (available Monday-Friday 0800-2000 ET).


    Care Navigators are masters-level educated mental health professionals, including licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed professional counselors (LPC), and licensed psychologists. All Care Navigators are physically located in the United States and have US licensure.

    Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll be prompted to meet with your Care Navigator on the phone to talk through your care plan, discuss any concerns you have, and find a compatible therapist, should you need one. After that, your Care Navigator can help you book appointments, track your progress, and schedule check-ins with you every couple of weeks (or more frequently, if you’d like) to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    Studies show that it’s easier to make changes when we feel supported. Your Care Navigator will check in with you occasionally, just to see how you’re progressing on your plan and if you have any questions or concerns. However, you can request limited or no contact, if that’s more comfortable for you.

    You can rely on your Care Navigator to help you create and maintain your care plan, schedule appointments, answer questions, and provide guidance on your mental wellness journey. Because they’re an important part of helping you stick to your plan, every Care Navigator is both licensed and has years of experience in the mental health field.

    That said, it might feel strange or awkward at first working with someone you don’t know on something as personal as mental health. That’s OK and really normal. We encourage you to give it a try and meet a few times with your Care Navigator. If you still feel that they’re just not the right Care Navigator for you, we want to help. Reach out to and we’ll match you with someone new.

    When you register for your enhanced Navigator benefit, you are connected with a Care Navigator. Your Care Navigator will help you find and schedule appointments with a therapist, provide guidance, and check in with you periodically. They’ll also help you create and maintain your care plan. You have unlimited access to your Care Navigator.

    Your therapist is the person you’ll be meeting with to discuss what’s on your mind. You can talk to your therapist about anything: burnout, stress, family issues, work/life balance, substance abuse, anxiety, depression. With Navigator, you have 6 free visits with the therapist of your choice.



    As part of Navigator you can receive coaching from a dedicated Spring Health Coach who can help you set and achieve your personal goals. Coaching sessions are separate from, and do not count against, the 6 free therapy sessions provided to you by JetBlue.

    Spring Health coaches are graduates of an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coaching training program, ICF-credentialed coach (ACC, MCC, PCC), or National Board Certified with a minimum of 100 hours of post-training coaching experience.

    Coaches can help you find purpose, develop a greater sense of adaptability, and build confidence and self-esteem as progress is being made. After taking the wellness assessment, coaching may be recommended as part of your care plan. If coaching is included in your plan to support your needs, your Care Team is available to assist you in scheduling a coaching session. You can also find more information about coaching in the “What’s available to me” section of your Spring Health account.

    After registering with Spring Health, complete your wellness assessment. Connect to your Care Navigator, who can help explain your options, including coaching—and will schedule an appointment with a coach through the Spring Health web platform. Please note that you will be able to schedule an appointment on the mobile app, beginning September 2022. Appointments can be scheduled within 2 business days and have a 20 minute duration at no cost.


    Care Plan.

    We know that everyone is different, and that’s why Navigator takes a needs-driven, personalized approach to your care. After registering, you’ll be prompted to complete a 5-minute assessment. The clinically-designed, dynamic assessment will make precise care recommendations based on your answers. All of the questions are designed to get to know you so we can work together and help you stay healthy.

    Right after the assessment, you’ll receive your tailored care plan. This might include therapy, coaching, wellness-focused audio tips (known as Moments), or a combination of care. You can get started on your own by trying out a Moments exercise or by booking a therapy session. If you’d like, you can speak with your Care Navigator first. They’ll walk you through your care plan and determine the best next steps for you. They’ll also check-in with you occasionally to see how you’re feeling.


    Your personalized care plan is based on a lot of different factors, including your wellness assessment, and Spring Health’s clinically-validated technology. Spring Health does things differently: they use Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that’s meditation, coaching, therapy, medication and beyond.

    All of which is to say that your personalized care plan is designed for you and you alone–and we encourage you to try it out. We know it can feel strange or scary to get started, especially if it’s something new to you. Give it a chance by committing to 2 visits with your therapist and 3-4 Moments sessions. You–and your health–are incredibly worth it.

    It’s important that your care plan fits your mental wellness needs. So, if you still feel like your plan isn’t right for you, schedule some time with your Care Navigator. Be open about your priorities and what you’d like to work on. Together, you and Care Navigator can update your plan.



    You and your household members (age 6+) each get 6 free therapy visits per year.

    When you register for Navigator, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Care Navigator to help you pick a therapist you feel comfortable talking to and schedule your appointments. We believe the most effective treatment includes regular check-ins with your Care Navigator and/or follow-up assessments to track progress and provide feedback on treatment. You also have the ability to schedule and manage appointments yourself by accessing your account online or using the Spring Health mobile app.

    When making an appointment, you must schedule a visit with a therapist who practices in the state you are located in. For example, if you live in California and plan on completing your therapy sessions in California, your therapist must practice in California. If you live in California but plan on completing your therapy sessions while you’re traveling to New York, your provider must be licensed in New York. Note, Spring Health has therapists with multiple state licenses. Each therapist has their states listed on the platform. If you need additional assistance, contact Spring Health within your account or email

    There’s someone for everyone at Spring Health. Their provider network is one of the most culturally diverse in mental healthcare. Altogether, therapists offer a wide range of specialties and treatment techniques.

    From your Spring Health account, you can search for a provider that meets your personal needs and filter by specialty (including LGBTQ identity), gender, languages supported and more. You’ll also have access to a full bio and picture to get a sense of what they’re like before your first appointment.

    Remember: When making an appointment, you must schedule a visit with a therapist who practices in the state you are located in. For example, if you live in California, and plan on completing your therapy sessions in California, your therapist must practice in California. If you live in California but plan on completing your therapy sessions while you’re traveling to New York, your provider must be licensed in New York. Spring Health has therapists with multiple state licenses. Each therapist has their states listed on the platform. If you need additional assistance, contact Spring Health within your account or email

    Yes, use the Spring Health web or mobile app and schedule a time to meet with your Care Navigator. Your Care Navigator can work with you to find a better match.

    Diversity in mental health provider networks has been a long-standing barrier to care for many individuals. One of the biggest factors in the success of one’s mental health journey is their level of comfort with their provider – not just in setting, but also in their ability to relate to their provider and have the provider truly understand their experience.

    Spring Health provides members with access to a diverse network of providers with different backgrounds in training, language, gender, and race. Forty-seven percent of therapists identify as BIPOC and represent 15 unique racial groups. Members can choose from therapists who speak 30+ languages and have more than 25 treatment methods and specialties. Our approach to diversity encompasses not only who the care provider is, but also what they do best.

    If you want to request a therapist of a particular background, simply tell your Care Navigator your preferences in a therapist or physician, and they will provide you with options to choose from for your appointment.

    On the Spring Health website or app, you can also filter for a therapist based on specialty, language, and condition. Have a more specialized search? Schedule a call with your Care Navigator to find the right provider for you.

    Every therapist in Spring Health’s network:

    • Is licensed with professional credentials (LMFT, LPC, LCSW, LMHC, PsyD, PhD, etc.)
    • Delivers virtual care
    • Delivers standardized assessments
    • Practices evidence-based therapies

    Our physicians are vetted through a rigorous interview and credentialing process:

    • Completed residency training in psychiatry (child, adolescent, or adult), internal medicine, and family medicine
    • Board-eligible / board-certified
    • Unrestricted licenses in states where they practice
    • No active malpractice claims or disciplinary actions

    All Spring Health providers can assist you with general mental health questions and conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Postpartum Depression, Abuse and PTSD. However, you will also see tags listed under each provider noting their specialty areas, such as Adolescents (13-17 years old), Children (6-12 years old), Couples, Faith-Based, Families, Gender Identity, LGBTQ+ Identity, Military/Veterans, and Racial Identity.

    Conditions that are not covered by Spring Health include those that require long-term, open-ended psychotherapy, chemical dependency, and autism spectrum disorder. If you need care for a condition not covered by Spring Health, talk to your Care Navigator and we will refer you to resources or providers that can help.

    We want you to get the care you need, even if we don’t provide it. If you and your Care Navigator determine you need care that Navigator doesn’t offer, they’ll refer you to the concierge team. A concierge can help you find quality care that meets your needs, on your schedule.

    Schedule your appointments through your account on or through the Spring Health app. When it comes time for your appointment, you will connect with your therapist using a secure, private Zoom link. If you are using your mobile device, please download the Zoom app ahead of your appointment.

    Yes. In states that Spring Health has an in-person network established, therapy options will appear when you search for a therapist. Can’t find an in-person therapist? Please reach out to your Care Navigator to discuss and review your options.

    You can send non-urgent messages to your therapist through your secure patient portal. If you need help logging into your account or sending your message, please contact a Care Navigator at or by calling 1-855-629-0554.

    Spring Health providers require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. If you miss an appointment or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, it will count as one of the sessions provided annually by JetBlue and/or be subject to a cancellation fee. Please contact a Care Navigator for more information at or by calling 1-855-629-0554.

    Crewmembers and household members with an open authorization with Optum as of April 30 will have until the end of May 31, 2022, to use their 6 sessions through Optum. All Crewmembers and household members will be eligible for 6 new sessions through Spring Health.

    You do not need to switch to a new provider. However, you’re welcome to use Navigator as additional guidance to better inform your current treatment. We have clinically-validated algorithms that personalize your treatment and minimize the trial-and-error process of medication. If you feel like you are going through some trial-and-error, we encourage you to explore Spring Health.

    Speak with your therapist directly, or ask your Care Navigator to confirm that they are already in Spring Health’s network. If the therapist is already a part of our network, your Care Navigator will be able to coordinate continuity of care with the provider.

    No, Spring Health therapists are only available to search on the the Spring Health website or app.

    Spring Health hires/contracts with licensed mental health professionals who are eligible to practice, without supervision, in one or multiple states. If your provider is interested in learning more about working with Spring Health, they can start by visiting our provider page.

    Once you complete your six free therapy visits through Navigator—you may work with your Care Navigator to explore next steps in your journey.

    • If you are enrolled in JetBlue Medical, you have Behavioral Health coverage through either Anthem BlueCross BlueShield (Anthem) or UnitedHealthcare (UHC). You can use JetBlue Medical to continue seeing your Spring Health provider at an in-network rate. Your Care Navigator can help you and your household members with any questions. For more information about Behavioral Health Support coverage through JetBlue Medical, visit
    • If you are not enrolled in JetBlue Medical, work with your Care Navigator to explore available options with continuing care. They will connect you with the Spring Health Concierge team.

    You can use your sessions for whatever type of therapy you prefer. Spring Health’s network includes licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs). LMFTs are trained to help you and your loved ones navigate family life and the complex emotions that come with being in a relationship. You can filter for therapists who specialize in marriage and family therapy from the privacy of your Spring Health account–just select “LMFT” when browsing for a provider.

    Each session counts as one session, regardless of whether it’s individual or family therapy.Both you and your household members each have 6 free sessions every year.

    For example, if you have 6 sessions left, and you and your spouse have one session with an LMFT, individually, you will have 5 sessions left, however, your spouse will still have 6 sessions, and together you will have 11 sessions left.

    On the Spring Health website or mobile app, you can filter for therapists by condition, specialty and language. To find a therapist that more closely reflects your needs including race, reach out to your Care Navigator for assistance. You can contact us via the following methods Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET:

    Navigator will assist you in finding a provider that is the best fit for you and help schedule the appointment.


    Mental Wellness