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    Dental Overview

    Note for all DHMO Participants:

    You must select a Network General Dentist (NGD) in order to receive dental benefits. Your general dentist will manage your dental care and give you a referral to see another in-network dentist if you need special dental work.

    If you don’t have an immediate dental need, you can complete a standard transfer and your selection for an NGD will become effective the 1st day of the following month. Here’s how to make a standard selection or transfer, choose from the following options:


    • Use the MyCignaAPP and select Make My Network General Dentist.

    To make an immediate selection or change, call Cigna at 1-877-208-3183 and speak with a Cigna Customer Service Associate.

    The basics.

    There are two Dental Options provided through Cigna: the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus DHMO and the Total Cigna DPPO. Highlights are below.

    About coverage.

    About coverage.

    The Total Cigna DPPO covers both in- and out-of-network services, and allows you to use any dentist for care. (See the 2022 Cigna Dental DPPO Plan Summary.) The Cigna Dental Care Access Plus DHMO only offers coverage for in-network services and requires you to choose a network general dentist (see Selecting an Access Plus Network General Dentist) but has slightly lower rates. Both options cover preventive and diagnostic care at 100%.

    Note: The Cigna Dental Care Access Plus DHMO is NOT currently available in the following states: AK, HI, ME, MT, NH, NM, ND, SD, VT and WY.

    Compare the features.

    Compare the features.

    Feature: DPPO DHMO
    Rates Slightly higher Slightly lower
    Covers preventive and diagnostic care 100% You pay nothing for preventive and diagnostic care
    Offers both in-network and out-of-network coverage You can use any dentist for care, but you’ll most likely pay less if you go to an in-network provider You only have coverage when you go to an in-network dentist
    Has a deductible You’ll need to meet your deductible before you share costs with the plan, up to your plan’s calendar year maximum Your costs for services are based on the
    Patient Charge Schedule (PCS)
    Requires you to select a primary care dentist You have the freedom to use any dentist You must select a primary care dentist for each member covered
    Requires a referral to see a specialist No referrals required Your primary care dentist will need to refer you to see a specialist
    Size of the provider network Larger network of providers to choose from in comparison to the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus DHMO Smaller network of providers to choose from in comparison to the DPPO, so check to make sure there is a dentist in your area who is in the Cigna Dental Care Access Plus DHMO network

    Dental ID cards.

    Dental ID cards.

    You will receive an ID card in the mail after you enroll, but you can also print an ID card or request a new one on 


    Register online.

    Be sure to register at to get all of the dental information you need. When registering, use your member ID. Your member ID is a nine-digit code consisting of your Crewmember ID and leading zeros. For example: Opty’s Crewmember ID is 12345, therefore Opty’s Cigna member ID is 000012345.

    NOTE: To help protect your personal information, Cigna uses a two-step authentication login process — your password plus a unique code sent to your mobile device or email address. You can elect to either have a new code sent each time you log in or to have your device “remember” the code. 

    Find a Cigna dentist.

    Click below to access directories of in-network dentists.

    You can call Cigna at 1-877-208-3183 to recommend a dentist to join the Cigna network, or submit a copy of the Dentist Recommendation form directly to Cigna. If you’re enrolled in Cigna Dental Care Access Plus, click here for information on selecting a Network General Dentist.