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    Life and AD&D Coverage

    The basics.

    JetBlue offers Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance to protect you and your family.

    Automatic coverage you get.

    Automatic coverage you get.

    JetBlue automatically provides you with Basic Life and AD&D Insurance coverage at no cost to you.

    For… Basic Life Basic AD&D
    Pilots $150,000 $150,000
    Technicians, Inspectors, Dispatchers $100,000 $100,000
    All other Crewmembers 1x annual salary* 1x annual salary*

    *Rounded to next higher multiple of $1,000, based on your salary as of January 1, 2021 or date of hire, whichever is most recent.

    Optional coverage buy.

    Optional coverage you buy.

    If you would like to increase your coverage, you can also buy Supplemental Life and AD&D coverage for yourself and Dependent Life for your spouse and children (provided your spouse’s amount does not exceed 100% of your combined Basic and Supplemental Life amounts).

    For… Supplemental Life Supplemental AD&D
    You 1x to 6x annual salary* 1x to 6x annual salary**

    For… Dependent Life
    Dependent spouse $25,000 to $250,000
    Dependent children $10,000 each child

    *The combined amount of your Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance cannot exceed $1,500,000 (excluding the amount of your Dependent Life Insurance).
    **The combined amount of your Basic and Supplemental AD&D Insurance cannot exceed $1,500,000.

    How to enroll in or change coverage.

    How to enroll in or change coverage.

    Visit or call The Hartford at 1-855-396-7655.

    Remember to designate your beneficiary.

    It is important to designate a beneficiary for your Life Insurance because naming a beneficiary for your account ensures that in the event of your passing, your Life Insurance will be paid out according to your wishes. You can name one or several people as beneficiaries for both your Life and AD&D benefits. To review, update or name your beneficiary, go to The Hartford’s website. If you’ve logged onto the site before, follow these steps:

    • Go to and enter your user ID and password.
    • Click I want to update my Beneficiary on the right side of the page.
    • Follow the prompts to designate your beneficiary.

    Beneficiary instructions are also outlined here.

    Logging onto The Hartford for the first time? Find instructions at the bottom of this page.


    Details about Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

    In certain instances, you’ll be asked to prove that you’re in good health before the insurance company will grant you coverage. This is called Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

    You must provide EOI when:

    • You increase your existing Supplemental Life coverage.
    • You choose not to buy Supplemental Life or Dependent Life as a new hire, then decide to add coverage later.
    • Your Basic Life coverage equals more than $500,000 as a new hire.

    When you’re first hired, you may buy Supplemental Life Insurance of up to 3 times your annual salary (up to $250,000) without providing EOI; but if you want to buy more than 3 times your annual salary (or greater than $250,000), EOI will be required and must be approved by the insurance carrier before coverage takes effect. If you are age 65 or older, the maximum coverage amount that you may elect as a new or current Crewmember without EOI will be reduced—you will be notified if EOI is required.

    Additional insurance information.

    Additional insurance information.

    Please refer to the Summary Plan Documents (SPDs) for more information on these three items.

    Waiver of Premium—Premiums are waived if you become totally disabled before age 60.

    Accelerated benefit—Up to 100% of your Life Insurance amount (to a maximum of $500,000) may be paid in the event of terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

    Reduction schedule—Life Insurance amounts are reduced to 65% when you reach age 65 and to 50% when you reach age 70. AD&D coverage amounts are reduced to 65% when you reach age 65 and end at age 70.

    How AD&D benefits are paid.

    How AD&D benefits are paid.

    AD&D benefits are either paid to you or your beneficiary for a loss that happens within 90 days of an accident. Here’s how AD&D benefits are paid:

    For loss of… Benefit paid is…
    Life Full benefit amount
    Both hands, both feet, sight in both eyes or any combination Full benefit amount
    One hand, one foot or sight in one eye Half the benefit amount

    Logging onto The Hartford website.

    Logging onto The Hartford website.

    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password. If logging in for the first time:
      • Your user ID is your full Crewmember ID. (e.g., John Smith’s ID is 349. IDs must be 5 digits, so John Smith’s is 00349.)
      • Your temporary password is the first letter of your first name, first letter of your last name followed by your date of birth. (e.g., John Smith’s DOB is 1/1/2018, so his password is js01012018.)
      • The system will prompt you to change your password.
    • If you choose, elect your Supplemental or Dependent coverage. After you elect your coverage, you will be prompted to add your beneficiary information. Click on I want to update my Beneficiary.
    • If you’re not adding any coverage to your Basic Life and AD&D Insurance, you still need to designate your beneficiaries—do this by clicking I want to update my Beneficiary.

    If you are unable to access the online site, need help or have any questions, you may contact The Hartford’s Enrollment Support Center at 1-855-396-7655.


    Life and AD&D Insurance
    Long Term Disability (All Crewmembers)