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    Mental health support



    Resources keeping you educated, healthy and balanced.

    Between staying healthy, continuing to adapt to an ever-evolving environment and juggling personal responsibilities, the pandemic has thrown plenty of challenges our way. If you feel like this past year has taken a toll on you, you are not alone.

    Did you know:

    • 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental condition at some point in their lifetime.
    • More than 20% of U.S. workers report experiencing symptoms of depression.
    • Depression rates are increasing the fastest among Gen Z & Millennial workers, who together make up about two-thirds of the U.S. workforce.

    At JetBlue, we care about you and your family—and as fellow Crewmembers, we need to support one another more than ever. That’s why we offer resources to help you if you’re experiencing signs of burnout, which include exhaustion, feeling distanced from or negative about your surroundings, and being less effective at work or home.

    If you’re feeling the burnout, here are a few helpful tips:

    If you’re feeling the burnout, here are a few helpful tips:

    Set boundaries.

    If you’re working from home, it can be tough to turn your focus on to personal life at the end of the day. And if you’re at the office, checking email on your phone can make you feel like you’re always connected. Be sure to “switch off mentally” when it’s time to stop working.

    Stick to a regular schedule as much as possible, and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Eat healthy meals and get plenty of exercise. If you have PTO available, partner with your Crewleader to schedule some much deserved time off. And if you think you might be misusing alcohol or other drugs, including prescriptions, reach out for help. For more information on JetBlue’s Right Step Voluntary Program (RSVP), click here.

    Remembering to take breaks can be tough. Whether in the operation, at the office or at home, find those moments to reset your mind with a quick walk or a stretch. You can try a few of the mindfulness techniques in the dropdown below—or tap into one of Headspace’s videos on meditation for exercises to help you catch your breath.

    While physical distancing is still a smart idea, there are other ways to connect with your loved ones. Schedule a virtual get together and regular phone calls to stay in touch, go for a walk with a friend, or meet in the park with loved ones.

    Tell your teammates and Crewleaders about the stresses you’re facing. They might not realize that you’re dealing with challenges. This openness can encourage others to share as well, and knowing you’re not alone can help you all support each other. If you think you need confidential support from a therapist, reach out to Navigator at 1-855-629-0554, Option 3 (available 0800 – 2000 ET). To register for Navigator, go to

    Try boxed breathing.

    Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds, then repeat.

    Stretch every 60-90 minutes.

    Perform light stretches throughout the work day.

    Adopt a positive mantra.

    Make up your own mantra, like “you’ve got this” or “inhale calm, exhale work” to say when you start to feel worried or anxious.

    Have a little fun every day.

    Do something that makes you smile each day—check out some fun ideas here.

    Limit media time.

    Try to refrain from being on social media or watching the news 24/7. Stay connected, but not obsessed.

    Free mental health support resources.

    Free JetBlue Benefits to help you find your Balance.

    Take a moment or two for yourself to significantly impact your day for the better.


    You and your household members (age 6+) can register for Navigator to use 10 free, confidential therapy sessions each year. Navigator, powered by Spring Health, offers care anywhere on a digital-first platform, available on mobile app and web. You’ll get a personalized care plan that includes Moments (a wellness-focused audio library) and check-ins from your Care Navigator, a dedicated clinician. Select from a culturally diverse network of therapists—personalize support by specialty (such as LGBTQ+ identity) gender, ethnicity and languages spoken. Therapy appointments are available in an average of 2 days, at times that fit your schedule (including evenings and weekends).

    To register, go to

    Click here for instructions.

    Questions? Call 1-855-629-0554, Option 3 (available 0800 – 2000 ET).

    Pro Tip: When you and your spouse register for Navigator, take the mental wellness assessment because it’s one of the activities you’ll need to complete to earn Healthy Rewards.

    LinkedIn Learning: Through JetBlue, you have access to courses that can help you prioritize your mental health. Begin by logging in through HelloJetBlue, where you’ll be prompted to select either “Salaried Crewmembers” or “Hourly Crewmembers” to access. Once you’ve logged in, click the links below to check out these helpful videos:

    Open is one of our inflight entertainment partners, helping transform Customers’ flights into tranquil journeys with six custom-created guided meditation and breath work classes. You get complimentary access to daily mindfulness practices—Open offers two great deals just for Crewmembers:

    • First 60 days free, so you can enjoy unlimited access to a world of mindfulness.
    • 60% off an annual subscription — $7.90/month for a reliable place to find peace and presence.

    Access the Open offers on Perkspot.

    With an Open membership, you can practice breath work, meditation and movement, all of which promote rest and relaxation, increase energy and focus, and help shift you into a state of presence, while facilitating a deeper connection to yourself and others.

    Additional free resources—including videos, podcasts, guided meditation techniques and important numbers to call:

    Additional free resources—including videos, podcasts, guided mediation techniques and important numbers to call:


    When you feel overwhelmed, go to Headspace for a special collection of free guided exercises and meditations to help you relax, focus, catch your breath, stress less and sleep soundly.

    The mindfulness platform recently released their very own Netflix series—The Headspace Guide to Meditation (see the trailer)—which shows how meditation can help in your daily life. From tackling stress to embracing gratitude, each episode teaches meditation basics and techniques, then concludes with guided meditation to help you become more resilient.

    Headspace also recently launched a YouTube series with John Legend that breaks down how music can strengthen focus, sleep, fitness, emotion, stress and memory.

    And, check out the Breathers series on mindfulness for parents and children.

    Make it OK has tools, resources and podcasts to support your own or other’s mental health.

    If you’re struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness website or reach out for free, confidential support: