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    Life’s moments

    We all experience ups and downs in our jobs, families and personal lives. Your BlueBenefits are there to support you every step along the way.

    New Crewmember.

    I’m new to JetBlue.

    Sick or injured.

    I need to find care now.

    Hello Wellness!

    I want to be physically, financially and emotionally healthy.

    Healthcare 101.

    I need help understanding healthcare lingo.

    Money challenges.

    I need help with my finances.

    Peace of mind.

    I’d like to talk with someone to regain balance.

    Family members.

    I’m in a Crewmember’s family.

    Change coverage.

    I or my spouse lost or got coverage.


    I’m ready to grow my family.

    New child.

    I’m welcoming a new child.

    Managing an illness.

    I or my family need support.

    Take a leave.

    I need to take a leave of absence.


    I’m getting married.


    I’m getting divorced.


    I had a death in my family.

    Relocation or Transfer.

    I’m relocating or transferring.


    I’m getting ready to retire.


    I’m being deployed.


    I’d like to learn more about my Benefits.