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    JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund (JCCF)

    The basics.

    Since 2002, the JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund (JCCF) has awarded over $10.3 million in grants to over 4,000+ Crewmembers and their families with short-term financial support in times of crisis when other resources were not available. JCCF is one way Crewmembers take care of each other during unexpected emergencies.

    How it works.

    How it works.

    JCCF is a separate 501c3 non-profit charitable organization identified as employer-related emergency hardship organization and is funded by Crewmember donations (tax-deductible). Thanks to these generous contributions, JCCF can assist in the instance of a qualifying crisis or hardship based on applicant eligibility. You can send a one-time donation or set up recurring paycheck donations to go to the foundation. No donation is too small, and every dollar counts. Since JCCF’s beginning, close to 11,000 Crewmembers have donated $9.7 million through voluntary payroll deductions—that’s more than half our workforce!

    To make a donation online:

    • Go to BlueCrew Self Service (BCSS) > Life and Career > JCCF on the left-hand side to set up automatic payroll deductions or to make a one-time donation.
    • You may also visit to edit or stop your payroll deductions in the future.
    • Please allow a minimum of one payroll cycle to pass for any changes to be reflected on your paycheck.

    To mail a donation, write a check payable to JCCF and mail it to:

    The JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund (JCCF)
    27-01 Queens Plaza North, 7th Floor
    Long Island City, NY 11101

    How the JCCF helps Crewmembers.

    How the JCCF helps Crewmembers.

    The JCCF helps Crewmembers who experience a sudden, qualifying financial crisis or hardship due to a variety of situations. Each individual disaster or event is considered based on immediate need upon submission of an application. The JCCF Board will review the formal application requests to determine eligibility and best support for JetBlue Crewmembers and their families. Qualifying crisis include:

    • Loss of income/health crisis
    • Loss of housing
    • Loss of spouse or dependent
    • Widespread catastrophe or natural disaster
    • Other crisis-related financial burden

    How to apply for a JCCF grant.

    How to apply for a JCCF grant.

    All Crewmembers and dependents are welcome to apply for a JCCF grant. JCCF financial grants are based on objective criteria and eligibility is determined based on a Crewmember’s financial need and hardship. To apply you must be:

    • A Crewmember on an approved leave of absence or an active Crewmember.
    • Spouse/dependent of a Crewmember who is active or recently deceased (within six months).

    If you are in need of support, visit to learn more.