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    Health Reimbursement Account

    The basics.

    A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is designed to hold money from JetBlue that you can use to pay eligible healthcare expenses. You automatically get an HRA, administered through Optum Financial, when you enroll in the Green Medical Option.

    Features of the HRA.

    Features of the HRA.

    • Seed dollars from JetBlue: JetBlue contributes seed dollars to your account in January or when your coverage begins (prorated based on start date).
    • Contribute your own money: You cannot contribute your own money to your HRA.
    • Ability to earn Healthy Rewards: Any Healthy Rewards you earn are deposited into your HRA.
    • All of the money stays in your account each year: You HRA funds rolls over year after year as long as you stay enrolled in the Green Option.
    • FSAs: When you have an HRA, you have the option to also enroll in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
    • Transfers: If you choose to enroll in the Blue Option after being enrolled in the Green Option, you cannot transfer your HRA funds to the Health Savings Account (HSA).

    How it works.

    How it works.

    1. You get seed dollars from JetBlue in your HRA.

    Each January, JetBlue automatically contributes seed dollars to your account, as shown below.

      For Crewmembers: For Pilots:
    Seed dollars (automatic contribution in January, prorated for new Crewmembers) $400 (individual)
    $800 (family)
    $550 (individual)
    $1,100 (family)

    When you complete Healthy Rewards activities, additional dollars will be automatically deposited into your HRA for you to use toward healthcare expenses. You can earn up to the amounts below.

      For individual coverage: For family coverage:
    Healthy Rewards you can earn Crewmembers: Up to $550
    Pilots: Up to $400
    Crewmembers: Up to $1,100
    Pilots: Up to $800

    You decide how to spend your HRA dollars. Remember, you pay the full cost of care until you reach your deductible and coinsurance starts. When you or your dependents need healthcare or prescriptions, your HRA funds can help you pay for services and offset your deductible. Your HRA funds stay in your account year after year as long as you stay enrolled in the Green Option. Claims for 2022 expenses for your HRA can be submitted until March 31, 2023, through Optum Financial.

    Some eligible medical expenses include:

    • Deductibles, coinsurance, prescriptions and charges that exceed plan limits.
    • Services such as chiropractic visits, physical therapy and other healthcare services.

    Find a full list of eligible healthcare expenses at Optum Financial.

    Your HRA comes with a payment card, which makes it easy to access your account funds. You may also create and submit claims for reimbursement from your HRA on the Optum Financial website or mobile app. Always save your itemized receipts in the event documentation is requested.

    Check out these resources to learn more about Health Reimbursement Accounts.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

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