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    The basics.

    The basics.

    If you are at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, you have access to a BlueCarpet registered nurse to answer your questions and help you manage your health and treatment.

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    How it works.

    If you or a family member is at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, and are enrolled in JetBlue Medical, you can contact BlueCarpet to work with a nurse (confidentially) to understand the condition, sort out treatment options, find services and manage your everyday life.

    A BlueCarpet nurse will provide expert guidance and support by:

    • Helping you understand HIV/AIDS.
    • Finding specialists and making appointments for you.
    • Explaining the different treatment options available so you can choose what’s best.
    • Locating other services you may need, such as transportation, support groups, meals, mental health care and more.

    The BlueCarpet nurse you connect with will stay with you for the long-term as your dedicated advocate to support you throughout your care journey and help you manage living with HIV/AIDS.

    After the first call where you and your dedicated BlueCarpet nurse will discuss the ongoing medical condition you’re dealing with, you will earn $100 in Healthy Rewards.  The first call will consist of a review of your current health needs and any potential challenges you may be facing (in/with) your health. Your BlueCarpet nurse can help you stay committed with treatment paths in connection with a new diagnosis, or an ongoing health condition.

    Completion of the program is dependent on an individualized plan that you and your nurse will develop.  After completing a series of calls with the nurse, you will be eligible to earn an additional $200 in Healthy Rewards for completion of the program—that’s an additional $300 in Healthy Rewards that’s not subject to the annual limit on how much you can earn. (You’ll earn a total of $600 if both you and an enrolled adult dependent work with a BlueCarpet nurse.)

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    Get answers.

    I think I’m at risk for HIV. How can I protect myself?

    • Learn more about HIV prevention medications (pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP).
    • Understand options for post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).
    • Know how to safeguard yourself if your partner has HIV / AIDS.


    I have HIV/AIDS. How can BlueCarpet help?

    • Understand the difference between HIV and AIDS.
    • Learn what viral load means.
    • Recognize what CD4 is and why it matters.
    • Learn more about the side effects of your medications.
    • Discuss if you should be taking any other medications.
    • Find out more about getting financial help for expensive medications.
    • Get guidance on the best doctors for you.
    • Discuss everyday habits to keep you healthy.
    • Get support for talking to your family about your diagnosis.
    • Connect to other BlueCarpet programs, such as Navigator, for even more support.


    Don’t worry if your question isn’t listed above. Call BlueCarpet and speak to a nurse to get answers about what you need to know.

    Get more information.

    For more details on the program, call BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675 or email


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    HIV/AIDS Support