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    HealthyMoms HappyBabies

    The basics.

    Expecting a baby is an exciting time filled with a lot of questions. Get answers and support from a maternity nurse by enrolling in the DESTINATION : FAMILY HealthyMoms HappyBabies maternity rewards program. All female Crewmembers—even if you’re not enrolled in a JetBlue Medical Option—and dependents enrolled in a JetBlue Medical Option are eligible to participate.

    How it works.

    How it works.

    This unique program supports new moms during pregnancy and rewards them just for taking care of themselves and their babies. Whether it’s your first or third child, you’ll receive support and guidance about exercise, foods you should avoid during pregnancy, newborn care and more.

    When you contact BlueCarpet to enroll in the HealthyMoms HappyBabies program, you’ll connect with a maternity nurse and work with that same nurse throughout your entire pregnancy (and up to six weeks after delivery). You’ll earn $100 in Healthy Rewards for enrolling in this free program and another $200 for completing it—that’s an additional $300 in Healthy Rewards that’s not subject to the annual limit on how much you can earn. (You’ll earn a total of $600 if both you and an enrolled family member work with a BlueCarpet nurse.)

    Plus, as you complete activities in the program, you’ll earn points, which can be used to get baby gifts, such as strollers, gift cards, monitors, car seats and cribs. Check out the gifts available through HealthyMoms HappyBabies!

    You can earn a total of 4,000 points when you complete the program, but once you earn 2,000 points, you can begin redeeming your points for gifts. You earn:

    • 1,600 points for enrolling in the program and completing the first trimester assessment with your nurse, focusing on lifestyle risks
    • 400 points for completing the second trimester assessment, focusing on conditions related to pregnancy
    • 500 points for completing the third trimester assessment, focusing on labor and delivery
    • 500 points for completing the post-partum depression screening two weeks after delivery
    • 1,000 points for completing the post-partum depression screening six weeks after delivery

    How to access services.

    1. Phone: Call BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675 and enroll in the DESTINATION : FAMILY HealthyMoms HappyBabies program.
    2. Work with a BlueCarpet nurse and start earning points!

    Get more information.

    Find additional details in the DESTINATION : FAMILY HealthyMoms HappyBabies Baby Steps Brochure.

    And be sure to review the BlueCarpet Guide.


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