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    Protect your loved ones. Protect yourself. Get your FREE flu shot early.

    Did you know that JetBlue provides you and your family with FREE flu shots? Find out how to get yours.

    Stay healthy. Get the flu vaccine.

    Stay healthy. Get the flu vaccine.

    Flu shots are an easy way to protect you and your family so you can enjoy the changing climate and holiday season.

    The flu vaccine has been shown to:

    • Prevent illness, doctor visits, hospitalizations, serious medical events associated with some chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart disease) and can be life-saving
    • Protect women and their babies during and after pregnancy
    • Reduce the severity of illness if you contract the flu
    • Protect those around you who may be more vulnerable to serious flu illness

    Two options for getting your vaccine.

    Two options for getting your vaccine.

    1. Use a voucher at CVS Pharmacy locations.

    Now through December 31, 2021, you and one other family member over age 18 may use a voucher to receive a FREE flu shot at participating CVS Pharmacy locations (including Target).

    Click here to download the voucher and visit to find a participating location near you (limit two vouchers per U.S.-based Crewmember).

    It’s time to prioritize your health. If enrolled in JetBlue Medical, you can also receive your free flu shot during your annual preventive exam through an in-network provider. For many of us, preventive screenings and wellness visits took a back seat last year. Get your health back on track by scheduling your annual preventive exam and any missed screenings.

    Finding care.

    Finding care.


    To find an in-network doctor or Urgent Care Center, visit Engage or download the app (App Store/Google Play). You can see quality ratings and read real patient reviews. Engage even shows cost estimates for services based on your Medical Option and what you’ve spent this year. Once you find a doctor you relate to, use their contact information to schedule an appointment.


    A quick call to BlueCarpet can help you figure out where to go to feel your best, saving you time and money. BlueCarpet can also help you find an in-network provider and answer any questions about vaccines. Just call 1-866-529-1675.

    LiveHealth Online.

    Through Engage, you also have one-click access to LiveHealth Online, an app that lets you video chat with board-certified doctors if you have the flu, a cold or other non-life threatening ailments. Use the special coupon code JETBLUECREW when you pay for the special Crewmember rate of $20.