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    Community Support


    Find resources in your own community.

    For most people, navigating the system to get help can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why JetBlue brings you FindHelp—a free, accessible platform designed to help you connect to reliable and trustworthy care networks within your community.

    FindHelp is a nationwide platform open to all Crewmembers and anyone in their household.

    Get help in all areas of life.

    Every search on the FindHelp website offers you at least 700 resources in every county in the U.S., making it easy for anyone to find free or reduced-cost services right in their community. These include:

    • Food: Community gardens, emergency food, food pantry, meal delivery, nutrition education, help pay for food
    • Housing: Housing search and financial assistance, maintenance and repairs, temporary shelter
    • Goods: Baby and medical supplies, home goods, clothing
    • Transit: Transportation and transit financial assistance
    • Health: Addiction and recovery, domestic abuse, end of life care, mental health resources, dental, vision and medical care, health education
    • Money: Financial assistance for childcare, healthcare, food, school and transit, financial education, government benefits, insurance, loans and tax preparation
    • Care: Adoption and foster care, animal welfare, physical safety, daytime and residential care
    • Education: Schooling, financial assistance, preschools, screenings and exams, skills and training
    • Work: Help in finding work, paying for work supplies, skills and training
    • Legal: Advocacy and legal aid, mediation, representation, translation and interpretation

    Resources are just a few clicks away.

    Click here to access FindHelp and simply enter in your zip code to get started.