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    Financial Tools and Resources

    The basics.

    Our Business Partners have a lot of great free financial tools and resources available to help you make smart decisions when it comes to your money. Explore them below.

    Tools and resources from Empower.

    Tools and resources from Empower.


    Saving Calculators.

    Managing your monthly budget:
    You want to save more, but where can you find the money to put away? This tool can help you analyze your current spending and possibly find ways to save more. It can also provide general spending guidelines by category, shown as a percentage of your monthly income.

    Emergency savings:
    Do you have enough in savings to cover a minor emergency? Use this calculator to determine how much is suggested for your emergency fund.


    Spending calculators.

    Your retirement lifestyle:
    Calculate the percentage of your current income you’ll need in retirement to cover your desired retirement lifestyle.

    Borrowing from your retirement plan:
    Thinking about taking a loan from your retirement plan? It’s not as simple as it sounds. Before you do, consider the risks and potential costs of doing so with this calculator.

    Withdrawals before retirement:
    Calculate the effects of withdrawing assets from your 401(k) account before reaching retirement age.

    Withdrawals in retirement:
    This calculator helps you estimate how much of your savings you can spend in retirement based on how long you want your savings to last.

    Minimum required distribution:
    Understand when you will be required to begin withdrawing from your retirement savings and how much you will need to withdraw each year.


    Planning calculators.

    Retirement planner:
    Determine if your savings are on track for retirement. If not, estimate how much you may need to save each year to reach your goal.

    Retirement account rollover:
    Determine if a rollover is the right option for you. Explore the options for rolling over your retirement account to another qualified account or cashing out your retirement savings.

    Traditional vs. Roth analyzer:
    Which 401(k) account is right for you: Traditional or Roth?

    Roth conversion analyzer:
    Does converting your pre-tax savings to Roth make sense for you? See an estimate of the tax implications with this calculator.

    Growing your investment:
    Estimate how much money you will earn from your investments over time based on the amount of money you invest and the expected rate of return.

    Investing with your Health Savings Account:
    If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), explore how much more money you could potentially earn over time by investing a portion of your eligible HSA balance.
    Note: Not all plans offer an HSA. Please refer to your plan rules for more information.

    Saving for higher education:
    Determine whether your college savings are on track and, if not, how much to consider investing each year to reach your savings goal.


    Overall financial wellness calculators.

    Debt payoff:
    Should you pay off debts with the highest interest rate or the smallest balance first? Determine how much interest you could save by selecting one method over the other.

    Paying debt vs. investing:
    Trying to determine if it’s better to invest any extra money you have or use it to pay off debt? Use this calculator to explore how your rate of return could compare to the cost of your debt.

    Student loan refinancing:
    Can you save more for your future by refinancing your student loan? Explore how refinancing could affect your monthly payment and potentially help you save more.

    Mortgage refinancing:
    Want to find money to save more for retirement? Calculate the potential savings from refinancing a mortgage.

    Life insurance:
    Calculate how much life insurance you may need based on your current financial situation.


    Helpful articles and resources.

    Visit the Learning Center page on Empower’s website to access informative articles on spending, saving, investing, protecting and life events.

    Tools and resources from The Hartford.

    Tools and resources from The Hartford.

    The Hartford.

    As a part of your Life Insurance coverage through The Hartford, you have access to helpful services for free:

    • EstateGuidance Will Services allow you to create a simple will from the convenience of your computer.
    • Funeral Planning & Concierge Services provide you with peace of mind when it’s needed most.
    • Beneficiary Assist Counseling Services help you and your beneficiaries cope with emotional, financial and legal issues that arise after a loss.
    • Travel Assistance Services with ID Theft Protection and Assistance provide you with more security while traveling.

    Go to to access these services.

    Tools and resources from Fidelity.

    Tools and resources from Fidelity.


    Use your Fidelity credentials to log in and access the Student Debt Tool.

    The first step to tackling student debt is understanding it—and knowing what options are out there. See your student loan data in one place and explore the impact of different repayment options. For help using this tool, check out the Guided Overview to learn how to use it.

    Check to see if you’re on track to meet your college savings goals with the College Calculator.


    Life and AD&D Insurance
    Long Term Disability (All Crewmembers)