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    Engage is your personal wellness app connecting you to your healthcare benefits anywhere, anytime.

    The basics.

    The basics.

    Engage is your personal wellness app, connecting you to your JetBlue Medical Options through Anthem—Core Savings, Blue and Green. It’s also where you’ll find Healthy Rewards and BlueCarpet…anytime, anywhere!

    Engage is an interactive, easy-to-use tool designed to support the whole you—health, wallet and mind—and simplify your healthcare journey. It’s your go-to tool for HELLO WELLNESS!—everything you need, all in one place.

    All U.S.-based Crewmembers and adult dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical through Anthem can manage their personal account through the Engage website and mobile app. Engage is also available to Pilots who have waived JetBlue Medical.

    How Engage can help you.

    How Engage can help you.

    BlueCarpet is ready to help!

    • On Engage, you can connect BlueCarpet—a free, concierge service available to Crewmembers and dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical through Anthem (Core Savings, Blue or Green Option).
    • Enjoy a seamless and digital experience with the click to chat feature that connects you with BlueCarpet.
    • Learn more about BlueCarpet.
    • See an image of your Anthem Medical ID card and upload images of other ID cards, such as Rx and dental, for easy reference.
    • Find quality in-network physicians, hospitals and healthcare services.
    • See which services are covered in-network and out-of-network with cost-sharing percentages for each.
    • Read patient reviews, compare ratings and save physician details to easily get in touch.
    • Search by conditions, tests, injuries and procedures, plus get helpful information on services and symptoms.
    • Follow the Healthy Reward program steps to earn extra dollars from JetBlue.
    • All program activities must be completed to earn Healthy Rewards.
    • Healthy Rewards money is added to your Health Savings Account (HSA) when enrolled in the Core Savings or Blue Option, your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) when enrolled in the Green Option, or into a Healthy Rewards Account if you’re a Pilot who has waived JetBlue Medical.
    • Use Healthy Rewards dollars to pay healthcare expenses.
    • Find estimates when you search for doctors, procedures, or Rx based on how much you’ve spent this year.
    • See what you and your dependents have spent in Medical for the year (as a family and as individuals).
    • Stay updated on which phase you are in (deductible, coinsurance or covered).
    • Personalize your experience based on your goals, medical usage, and terms you search for.
    • Get reminders for the care you need, like an annual visit or preventive screening.
    • Seek guidance on common healthcare matters, like key questions to ask your doctor during your next appointment, when to visit the ER or information on a new prescription.
    • Connect your fitness tracker to monitor physical activity and sleep trends over time.
    • Earn points through participation in team challenges; daily step tracking; healthy habit-building.

    How to register.

    How to get started.


    1. Get started by registering through or on the Engage smartphone app.
    2. Enter your email address (either your JetBlue or personal email address) and create a password.
    3. Verify your identity by filling in the required information:
      • Crewmembers:
        • First and last name
        • Date of birth
        • 5-digit Crewmember ID (add leading zeros in front if your ID has less than 5 digits)
          Example: 01234
      • Spouses and adult dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical:
        • First and last name
        • Date of birth
        • 5-digit Crewmember ID-MMDD of dependent’s birthdate
          Example: 01234-0101
    4. Select your health and wellness goals so Engage can create your personalized experience.

    Pro tip!

    Want to “engage” on the go? Download the Engage mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, or text APP to 27978 for a link. The app is completely optional.

    Take ownership of your health through Engage.

    Check back often! Let Engage be your go-to platform to help you stay on top of your health benefits and connect you with the resources you need to feel your best.

    Have questions about Engage? Click here to see a list of Engage FAQs  or check out this Engage Quick Start Guide.

    Questions? Here’s where to go:

    Questions? Here’s where to go:


    Engage general support inquiries or help using the platform. Engage Support
    Available M-F 8AM to 9PM ET
    You can also chat on the website or app M-F between 8AM and 9PM ET or email
    Questions about your healthcare benefits, finding doctors, scheduling appointments, managing a chronic illness and more. BlueCarpet
    Additional questions about Anthem BlueCross BlueShield coverage or claims. Anthem
    Other questions about JetBlue benefits or programs. BlueBenefits
    Common questions about Engage. Engage FAQs