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    COVID-19 Support

    There’s a lot happening right now. And we want you to know that we have your back. Find information, resources and tips below to help you navigate this time.


    For Crewmembers and dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical.

    The COVID-19 test (including the visit to get the test) is covered at 100%. The visit includes both in-network and out-of-network office visits, urgent care centers and emergency room visits that are required to receive testing. Additionally, FDA-approved antibody tests ordered by a licensed medical provider are also covered at 100%. You and your covered dependents will not need to satisfy the deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. The deductible and coinsurance will still apply to any additional treatment or support care needed. For help finding an in-network provider, call BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675.  Click here for a list of state and local health department contact information.


    Available to ALL domestic Crewmembers.

    The first and easiest way to access free tests is through, where you may order 4 at-home rapid COVID-19 antigen tests per domestic residential address.

    Enrolled in JetBlue Medical?

    You have access to free at-home COVID-19 tests with FDA Emergency Use Authorization through our Rx Business Partner, CVS Caremark, with no prescription required. You may only submit for reimbursement through CVS Caremark.

    • You can purchase FDA-authorized at-home antigen tests and submit for reimbursement:
      • Step 1: Go to
      • Step 2: Select Request your reimbursement and sign in to your account.
      • Step 3: Select Plan & Benefits at the top of the page, then Submit Prescription Claim from the drop-down menu, followed by Submit at-home COVID-19 test reimbursement claim.
      • Step 5: Follow the prompts to provide required information.
      • Step 6: Review and submit your claim.
    • Click here for detailed instructions.

    If you submit for reimbursement, you may be reimbursed up to a maximum of $12 for each test (tests and sales tax only, does not cover shipping). You are responsible for additional costs. Many COVID-19 tests are sold as a 2-pack, so that means you would be reimbursed at $24 ($12 for each test).

    • Order online and pick up in store. You don’t need a prescription and there are no up-front out-of-pocket costs under your Rx coverage, up to $12 per test (based on test availability):
      • Order online at or through the CVS Pharmacy app. Select At-home COVID-19 tests. Enter your zip code to find the closest participating CVS Pharmacy and to verify product availability. Then, select OTC tests and enter the appropriate information, including your CVS Caremark Rx ID card. Once you receive a confirmation, your order will be waiting for you at the front store register.
    • Please note: You may have varying experiences at retail pharmacies due to available supply and prioritization of patient care with dispensing medications or vaccines.


    For Crewmembers and dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical.

    You can receive COVID-19 vaccines that have full or Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval, covered at 100%. Crewmembers and their covered dependents won’t have out-of-pocket costs—deductible or coinsurance—for the vaccine during the national public health emergency period (until October 13, 2022). This applies to authorized locations distributing the COVID-19 vaccination.

    For guidelines on Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccines, visit the CDC website.

    COVID-19 coverage.

    Know what’s covered if you need COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

    Wellness Wednesdays.

    Watch virtual wellness events with BlueBenefits and Business Partners.

    Mental health support.

    Free access to mental health apps and resources.

    LiveHealth Online.

    Virtual doctor’s visits are available for ALL Crewmembers and their families.

    CARES Act 401(k) distributions.

    How to pay back COVID-19 related distributions.

    401(k) Second Loan.

    View FAQs to understand how it works.

    Community support.

    Get local help with food, money, housing and more.

    Family learning resources.

    Use these resources to keep your kids engaged and learning at home.

    Free counseling.

    Get up to six free sessions with a licensed therapist.

    Working from home.

    Stay healthy, productive and happy during this transition.

    Taking time off.

    Understand how COVID-19 impacts your leave of absence policies.

    Steer clear of COVID-19.

    Reduce your risk by practicing good hygiene.

    Make some extra cash.

    Watch a webinar for expert tips on how to sell on eBay, Etsy and more.

    Staying healthy at home.

    There are lots of ways you and your family can stay healthy and fit at home. Check out these resources and tips, and remember, having a plan is half the battle!

    Health Department Contacts.

    Click below for a list of state and local health department contact information.