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    Cancer Support

    The basics.

    Don’t fight cancer alone. BlueCarpet’s team of oncology nurses through the Cancer Support program will be with you at every step of your journey. And if needed, they’ll refer you to the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care.

    How it works.

    How it works.

    If you or a family member receives a cancer diagnosis (and are enrolled in JetBlue Medical), you’re eligible to enroll in the Cancer Support program to work with a BlueCarpet nurse. If needed, your nurse will connect you to the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care for additional expert care. Here’s how these two programs work together.


    Cancer Support.

    Once enrolled in the Cancer Support program, a team of BlueCarpet oncology nurses will help you understand your diagnosis and explore your options for treatment. The program provides support to help you:

    • Tell your spouse, kids, friends or teammates
    • Find additional resources (wigs, financial support, transportation, community support, etc.)
    • Connect you to the right doctor and treatment facility
    • Manage your symptoms and side effects
    • Understand your medications
    • Feel informed so you can make the right decisions for your health
    • Get emotional support to help ease the stresses that often accompany treatment
    • Connect with the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care


    Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care.

    After a biopsy confirms your cancer diagnosis, your BlueCarpet oncology nurse may refer you to the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care for an eReview, covered at 100%. An eReview is an electronic review of your diagnosis and treatment plan to determine if you would benefit from traveling to a Mayo Clinic location for evaluation and/or treatment. After you have been referred by your BlueCarpet Nurse, Mayo Clinic will work with your physician to review your documentation (scans, doctor’s notes, imaging, etc.). If referred, the Mayo Clinic will give you confidence that you are currently receiving appropriate care for your oncology condition, or that you could benefit from care at Mayo Clinic.

    If Mayo Clinic determines that you would benefit from coming onsite for testing, treatment, or procedures, the cost will apply towards your Medical Option deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum. Cancer care services received at Mayo Clinic are in-network for JetBlue’s Medical Option Business Partners, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and UnitedHealthcare. Together, JetBlue and Mayo Clinic will make your journey to health as comfortable as possible.

    Mayo Clinic can provide:

    • Collection of medical records and imaging
    • Review of your current cancer diagnosis and treatment plan
    • Expedited and condensed appointment scheduling
    • Travel and lodging coordination for you and a caregiver
    • Answers from leading cancer experts who stand by your side and take time to get the diagnosis right
    • The appropriate care you need

    Expert Second Opinion.

    Let BlueCarpet help.

    BlueCarpet can also help you by:

    • Identifying any gaps in your health management that may impact your health
    • Finding specialists and making appointments
    • Learning more about treatment costs and potential cost savings
    • Establishing a healthy lifestyle such as setting up a nutrition and exercise plan
    • Resolving medical billing or claims issues

    After the first call where you and your dedicated BlueCarpet nurse will discuss the ongoing medical condition you’re dealing with, you will earn $100 in Healthy Rewards.  The first call will consist of a review of your current health needs and any potential challenges you may be facing (in/with) your health. Your BlueCarpet nurse can help you stay committed with treatment paths in connection with a new diagnosis, or an ongoing health condition.

    Completion of the program is dependent on an individualized plan that you and your nurse will develop.  After completing a series of calls with the nurse, you will be eligible to earn an additional $200 in Healthy Rewards for completion of the program—that’s an additional $300 in Healthy Rewards that’s not subject to the annual limit on how much you can earn. (You’ll earn a total of $600 if both you and an enrolled adult dependent work with a BlueCarpet nurse.)

    Get more information.

    For more details on the program, click here to view the Spine & Cancer Support guide and find answers to your questions in the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program: Cancer Care FAQs.