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    The basics.

    BlueCarpet is a free, unique concierge service available to all Crewmembers. Through BlueCarpet, you have access to advocates—experts trained to help you navigate JetBlue Benefits—ready to help with answers and information, or to connect you with programs that support your health, wallet and peace of mind.

    How it works.

    How it works.

    BlueCarpet advocates are a dedicated team who support Crewmembers and their families—and know JetBlue Benefits inside and out. You can call to speak with an advocate 8AM-11PM ET, Mon-Fri and 9AM-2PM ET, Sat. A specially trained expert is ready to carry your bags and navigate you to your best self.

    BlueCarpet advocates can help you and your family with:

    • Learning how to use the Engage platform to find quality care, stay on top of your healthcare spending, and meet wellness goals—available to all Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical.
    • Understanding the differences between the Green and Blue Medical Options, as well as how prescription drug and behavioral health coverages work.
    • Locating doctors and providers near you, and even making appointment on your behalf.
    • Resolving healthcare claims and billing issues.
    • Learning about and managing Health Accounts, including looking up your balance, learning how to use it and understanding why a claim might be denied.
    • Discovering how to earn Healthy Rewards through Rally and checking your balance.
    • Connecting you to Navigator’s Crewmember Assistance Program or Behavioral Health Support.
    • Connecting you with expert nurses for Asthma, Back Pain, Hypertension & More, Cancer Support, Spine Care Support, Diabetes Support and HIV/AIDS Support.
    • Anticipating your needs to offer suggestions and help you make good healthcare decisions, such as getting an annual exam and preventive cancer screenings, and other support.

    Review the BlueCarpet Guide.

    For more details on the program, review the BlueCarpet Guide.

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    To learn more about services and programs, download the BlueCarpet Guide.