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    Before going on leave

    Due to COVID-19, JetBlue has options in place to support Crewmembers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are looking to take preventive health measures to stay healthy. Click here to learn more and see FAQs with helpful information.

    The basics.

    This section walks you through what to know before taking a Leave of Absence. The Business Partner is different depending on your leave administrator: Sedgwick or The Hartford.

    Note: If you’re a Pilot approved for Voluntary Short Term Disability (VSTD) or any Crewmember approved for Long Term Disability (LTD) with a disability date prior to January 1, 2022, you’ll need to contact MetLife for your return to work process.

    The Business Partner that will handle your leave depends on your workgroup and what kind of leave you’re taking.

    Sedgwick administers: The Hartford administers:

    • Short Term Disability Leave
    • New Jersey State Disability Leave
    • New York State Disability Leave
    • Family Medical Leave (FML)
    • Personal Leave
    • Parental Leave
    • Military Leave
    • State-specific Family Leave

    • Long Term Disability Leave

    Applying for leave and/or Voluntary Short Term Disability through Sedgwick.

    Applying for leave and/or Voluntary Short Term Disability through Sedgwick.

    Sedgwick will manage your leave if you are:

    • A Pilot applying for Family Medical Leave, Personal, Parental or Military Leave.
    • Any Crewmember applying for Short Term Disability, Family Medical Leave, Personal, Parental or Military Leave.

    If you live in a state with disability benefits (except for New York and New Jersey) and are applying for State Disability, you’ll need to file directly with your state and also contact Sedgwick to file your claim.

    To apply for a leave and/or Voluntary Short Term Disability, contact Sedgwick at 1-844-341-8632 or visit It may be helpful to review the Your Guide to Leaves of Absence  handout for information on Sedgwick’s leave and/or disability process. For a guide to the leave process in New York, review the Your Guide to Leaves of Absence in New York handout.

    Sedgwick offers:

    • 24/7 access to request and manage your leaves.
    • Options to contact them online, by phone or through their Interactive Voice Response option.
    • mySedgwick on a computer or mobile device to submit leaves, track time-off, contact a leave specialist, upload important information or print forms.
    • Email correspondence for the fastest way to access important forms and decision letters.
    • A text notification option to receive claim status updates and due date reminders.
    • Recurrent VSTD claim extensions.

    After 180 days on a disability leave, Sedgwick will notify The Hartford of a VSTD claim so The Hartford can determine your eligibility for a Long Term Disability (LTD) claim. If you do not have VSTD coverage, you can apply for your LTD claim with The Hartford after 20 weeks of disability.

    Continuing benefits while on leave.

    Continuing benefits while on leave.

    If you take a Leave of Absence, your benefits will continue. However, if your leave lasts longer than one pay period, you will need to pay your required benefit contributions directly to Optum Financial through a process called Direct Bill. To manage your Direct Bill, visit or call 1-844-881-5841. Your benefits will be terminated during your leave if payments are not paid and reinstated after returning to work.


    New York State Disability (Non-Pilots)
    Leaves of Absence
    New Jersey State Disability (As of 1/1/22)
    Short Term Disability (All Crewmembers)
    Long Term Disability (All Crewmembers) and Short Term Disability (Pilots)
    State Disability
    Life and AD&D Insurance
    Long Term Disability (All Crewmembers)