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    (For Short-Term Disability as of 1/1/22)


    Sedgwick is our leave administrator for Crewmember Short Term Disability (except Pilots), Family Medical Leave (FML) and Personal, Parental and Military Leaves.

    Who is eligible?

    Contact Sedgwick if you are a:
    • Crewmember (except Pilots) applying for or returning from Short Term Disability
    • Crewmember applying for or returning from FML, or Personal, Parental or Military Leave
    • Crewmember who has already applied for State Disability benefits (except for those who work in New Jersey)
    • Crewmember applying for New York State Disability (except New York Pilots)

    Get connected.

    Contact Sedgwick online, by phone or use their Interactive Voice Response option. On viaOne Express, you can:
    • Submit leaves
    • Track time-off
    • Contact a leave specialist
    • Upload important information
    • Print forms
    You’ll receive mail from Sedgwick along the way, but emailing with Sedgwick gives you quicker access to important forms and decision letters.
    New York State Disability (Non-Pilots)
    Leaves of Absence
    New Jersey State Disability (As of 1/1/22)
    Short Term Disability (All Crewmembers)