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    Direct Bill (Optum Financial)


    Direct Bill is a service, administered by Optum Financial, which allows Crewmembers to easily pay premiums when on a Leave of Absence or an applicable time-off program. If a Crewmember is going on a leave that lasts longer than one pay period, they will need to pay their required benefit contributions directly Optum Financial through Direct Bill. If contributions are not paid, benefits will be terminated during the leave or time-off and reinstate after returning to work.

    Who is eligible?

    Direct Bill is available to any Crewmember going on a leave or an applicable time-off program longer than one pay period.

    Get connected.

    Email Optum Financial at or call them at 1-844-881-5841 to help set you up with your online portal. You must pay the full cost of Direct Bill through mail or online (Note: a fee will apply for one-time/non-recurring online payments—see FAQs to learn more about this).

    Through Optum Financial, you will have online access to review payments, documents, coverage level, and manage dependents.