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Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

It’s a fancy way of saying you need to prove you’re in good health before the insurance company grants you coverage. You must provide EOI when:

  • You increase your existing Supplemental Life coverage.
  • You choose not to buy Supplemental Life or Dependent Life as a new hire, then decide to add coverage later (such as during Open Enrollment).
  • Your Basic Life coverage equals more than $500,000 as a new hire.

When you’re first hired, you may buy Supplemental Life Insurance of 1, 2 or 3 times your annual salary (up to $250,000) without providing EOI, but if you want to buy more than 3 times your annual salary (or greater than $250,000), EOI will be required and must be approved by the insurance carrier. If you are age 60 or older, the maximum coverage amount that you may elect as a new or current Crewmember without EOI will be reduced — you will be notified if EOI is required.

Additional insurance information.

Waiver of Premium — Premiums are waived if you become totally disabled before age 60.

Accelerated Benefit — Up to 100% of your life insurance amount (to a maximum of $500,000) may be paid in the event of terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

Reduction Schedule — Life insurance amounts are reduced to 65% when you reach age 65; to 50% when you reach age 70. AD&D coverage amounts are reduced to 65% when you reach age 65 and ends at age 70.

About beneficiaries.

Your beneficiary can be one or several people, and the same or different designation for all your Life and AD&D benefits. To add or change your beneficiary, visit The Hartford at If you don’t have this information or need help, call The Hartford at 1-855-396-7655.