What you need to know about JetBlue’s Dependent Eligibility Verification.

From September 26 through October 26, BlueBenefits and CrewTravel are working together to conduct a company-wide Dependent Eligibility Verification through our Business Partner HMS Employer Solutions (HMS).

This process is conducted every few years to ensure our records are accurate and that we’re offering the most valuable and affordable benefits to you. Ineligible individuals increase costs, not just for JetBlue, but for all Crewmembers, which is why we need your help verifying your dependents.

If you have dependents enrolled in JetBlue’s health benefits and/or travel privileges, you will be required to submit supporting documentation. If you do not take action, your dependents will be considered ineligible and subsequently removed from coverage, effective December 31, 2018.

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Here’s the timeline for the Dependent Eligibility Verification:

Late September:

  • All Crewmembers with dependents enrolled in health benefits and/or travel privileges will receive the initial request for verification from HMS via email; US and PR Crewmembers will also receive a copy of this request by mail. Even if you’ve previously submitted documentation to verify your dependents, you must submit this paperwork to HMS as part of the Dependent Eligibility Verification process.
  • We encourage you to take action and submit your paperwork immediately.


  • If you have not responded by the beginning of October, you’ll receive a reminder email from HMS.

Late October:

  • This is when the Dependent Eligibility Verification ends.

Early November:

  • Crewmembers will receive a final letter in the mail from HMS. This letter will be sent only to those who have unverified dependents as confirmation that they will be removed from coverage.

On December 31:

  • Ineligible dependents will be removed from coverage.
  • For the purposes of health benefits, ineligible dependents will be offered COBRA.
  • All future travel will be canceled for dependents that no longer qualify for travel privileges.

In January 2019:

  • COBRA packets will go out to dependents dropped from health coverage.
  • COBRA enrollment will be effective January 1, 2019.

Please contact HMS at 1-866-252-0734 for more information on the verification process.