Healthcare made easy.

Healthcare can get pretty complicated at times. It’s easy to get lost in all the information that comes along with it. We want you to know exactly what’s happening with your money, so here are the terms you’ll see and hear.

  • First, payroll deductions — this is how you pay for healthcare coverage under a JetBlue medical plan. It’s taken out of your regular paycheck and is different depending on which plan you choose and whom you cover.
  • Next is your deductible — what you pay out-of-pocket before the plan starts paying.
  • Then, you’ll pay coinsurance — a percentage of costs that you and JetBlue share.
  • Finally, if you reach your in-network out-of-pocket maximum (the most you’ll pay in deductible, coinsurance and prescription drug expenses in a year), JetBlue will pay 100% of your costs for the rest of the year.

Here are a few other important terms:

  • PPOs — or preferred provider organizations — are medical plans that have set networks of doctors and facilities, like our JetBlue plans. You pay less for services with providers that are part of a network.
  • Eligible expense — this is a healthcare service or product that is covered by the plan.
  • Explanation of benefits — or EOB — is a document that shows what services you received, how much the plan paid and what you owe the doctor. Even though it is not a bill, it’s important to check it over to make sure everything is correct. That extra step could save you money!