Welcome aboard!

Check out the top 5 things you need to do as you start your journey with JetBlue.


Review your new hire booklet.


Talk with BlueCarpet about your medical options before you decide.

Call 1-866-529-1675 to chat with BlueCarpet about your JetBlue Medical options before you enroll. Or, call anytime you need to talk to a nurse to improve your health or need information on your medical plan!

Also, check out this chart to compare your medical plan options side by side.


Take action!

In your first 30 days...

  • Log on to BCSS to enroll for benefits:
    • Go online to BlueCrew Self Service and click "My Life and Career," then "Benefits"
    • Enter dependent information under "Step 2 - Family Member/Dependents"
    • Choose your benefits under "Step 3 - Enroll in Benefits"
    • Confirm your elections
  • Start earning Healthy Rewards
  • Set up Concur (your expense and business travel portal)
  • Complete training through JetBlue U
  • Send in your dependent verification documents—you may fax them to: 718-228-8911 or email BlueBenefits@jetblue.com

Later on...

  • Sign up for life insurance and visit The Hartford to add your beneficiary information
  • Sign up for retirement savings and visit blueretirement.com to add your beneficiary information
  • Download any apps
  • Plan your first trip to your favorite BlueCity


Get helpful tools and resources.


  • BlueBenefits App
  • Concur Expense
  • LiveHealth Online
  • BlueLine App
  • LIFT App (Globoforce Mobile)

Visit our Benefits Business Partner websites for other great apps!

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