Get grooving with Navigator—your Crewmember Assistance Program.

Navigator, powered by BlueCarpet, is your Crewmember Assistance Program. And, that’s music to our ears. (We hope you think so, too.)

Read below to discover more about Navigator’s services and connecting 24/7.

Keep life in harmony with Navigator.

Navigator provides you and your entire household with a large network of qualified professionals and many new support services for everyday needs, like childcare, pet care, finances, work-life balance, legal and more. And because Navigator is part of  BlueCarpet (FREE advocacy and clinical resources) — and powered by Optum — you have access to a larger team of experts who can help with whatever life sends your way; from resolving claims and managing health conditions—to navigating the grey of life.

Who can use Navigator.

Navigator is free and confidential—offered to all Crewmembers as part of your Benefits, regardless of whether you’re enrolled in a Medical Plan. It’s available to support you and your entire household (including family, parents and roommates) 24/7.

Services include:
Call Navigator to speak with an experienced, licensed counselor over the phone or receive authorization for in person visits for support with anxiety and stress, depression, relationship and family issues, grief, life transitions and more. You qualify for SIX FREE sessions (per issue per year).
Access licensed state-specific attorneys and get one free 30-minute consultation (per issue per year) for real estate transactions, traffic matters, divorce, wills and trusts, identity theft, and more; with discounts for ongoing representation.
Access financial professionals and get two free 30-minute consultations (per issue per year) for help with debt, investment plans, tax questions, estate planning, budgeting, and more.
If you can think of it—Navigator will do it (as long as it’s legal). Buying tickets to the hottest show in town? Looking for that special gift? Let Navigator help you with all of that and more! Here are some ideas:

  • Alternative and community education, career consulting, adult education, music, dance, arts and crafts classes, and online learning.
  • Home repairs, recreational activities, pet sitters, affinity groups, entertainment, dinner reservations, nightlife options and moving your pet llama across the country.
  • Find your dream home, elder care, housing assistance, respite care, Medicare/Medicaid support, transportation, long-distance caregiving and aids to daily living.
  • Finding a last-minute babysitter, teen and adolescent support, developmental experts, special needs resources, camps, family activities, parenting/grandparenting resournces, vacation planning and relocation.

Don’t miss a beat! Connect with Navigator 24/7 via:

Call BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675 and say “Navigator.”

Visit and log in with code: JetBlue (not case sensitive) to search for providers, explore topics and access Navigator services.

Click for more information if you or a family member is struggling with substance use or behavioral health concerns.

Download the Navigator brochure.

Click here to download the brochure and keep it on hand as a resource when you need information about Navigator.

Contact Navigator

1-866-529-1675 | Say “Navigator” | Use code: JetBlue