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    Your BlueBenefits

    The basics.

    There are many ways to live and feel well. That’s why JetBlue offers a wide range of BlueBenefits to support your and your family’s physical health (Hello Healthy!), financial health (Hello Money!) and emotional health (Hello Balance!)—to help you get where you want to go.

    Overview of your BlueBenefits.

    About BlueBenefits.

    Generally, there are four types of BlueBenefits:

    • Benefits you must actively enroll in.
    • Benefits you automatically get if you enroll in JetBlue Medical.
    • Benefits you’re automatically enrolled in.
    • Benefits ALL Crewmembers get.

    The benefits you’re eligible to enroll in during your enrollment period depends on if you’re a Full-Time or Part-Time Crewmember.

    If you do not take action within 30 days of your hire date, you can’t enroll in or make any changes to these benefits until the annual Open Enrollment period unless you have a Qualified Life Event.

    Find instructions on how to enroll in benefits on BCSS.

    Enrollment required.

    These are the BlueBenefits you must actively enroll in and the programs you get when you enroll in JetBlue Medical.

    Medical (includes a Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account—along with Prescription Drug coverage)
    Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
    Group Legal
    BlueRetirement 401(k) (enroll at any time)
    Crewmember Stock Purchase Plan (CSPP)  (see CSPP page for enrollment window)
    Supplemental Life Insurance (enroll at any time)
    Supplemental AD&D (enroll at any time)
    Dependent Life Insurance (enroll at any time)
    Voluntary Short Term Disability (Part-Time Crewmembers only)
    Voluntary Long Term Disability (Full-Time Crewmembers only)
    Voluntary Long Term Disability/Voluntary Loss of License (Pilots only)
    Group Auto and Home Insurance (enroll at any time)
    Pet Insurance (enroll at any time)

    No enrollment required!

    These are the BlueBenefits you’re automatically enrolled in and programs that are available to all Crewmembers.

    *If you wish to opt out of Voluntary Short Term Disability or change your coverage, you must do so when you enroll in your benefits for the first time (within 30 days of your date of hire). Otherwise, you can’t change your coverage until the annual Open Enrollment period.


    Benefits Team