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    Who you can cover

    The basics.

    All Crewmembers are able to enroll in benefits coverage, but the coverage you’re eligible for varies between Full- and Part-Time. You may also enroll dependents in coverage, as long as they meet certain requirements and you submit supporting documentation.

    Dependents you can cover.

    Dependents you can cover.

    When you enroll yourself for coverage, you can also choose to enroll your:

    • Spouse, if you’re legally married.
    • Children (under the age of 26) if they are:
      • Your biological child.
      • Your legally adopted child or a child you are in the process of adopting (provided proper documentation is received).
      • Your stepchild.
      • A foster child who has been placed with you by an authorized placement agency or an order of a court.
      • A child you are legally required to cover under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (legal guardianship).
    • Unmarried children of any age who:
      • Became disabled before age 26.
      • Are dependent on you for support due to a mental or physical disability.

    Required dependent documentation.

    Required dependent documentation.

    To cover your spouse or child(ren) as a dependent on your coverage, you must submit supporting documentation to BlueBenefits via BCSS before you enroll. Here’s what’s required.

    For your spouse.

    Upload and submit a copy of your marriage certificate and one of the following documents:

    • Pages 1 and 2 of your most recent Federal income tax return that lists your spouse.
    • Current mortgage statement, home equity loan, or lease agreement (within the last three months).
    • Current property tax documents.
    • Current automobile registration.
    • Current credit card or bank account statement (within the last three months).
    • Current utility bill with your same address (within the last three months).
    • Current designation of beneficiary for retirement or life insurance benefits, or primary designation under spouse’s will.
    • Assignment of a durable property or healthcare power of attorney.

    For your child(ren) or step child(ren).

    Upload and submit a copy of their birth certificate—must reflect spouse’s name for step child(ren).


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