Find answers to commonly asked questions about your Total Rewards Statement.

Total Rewards Statement Basics

What is the Total Rewards Statement?

The Total Rewards Statement is a personalized portal that shows you the value of your total rewards (i.e., compensation, benefits and perks) on a dynamic platform, which is accessible 24/7. The site also helps you optimize certain rewards (e.g., 401(k) company match).

This innovative tool goes beyond the average concept of a flat, printed statement. It provides you with the current and comprehensive value of your Total Rewards, including base pay, benefits, awards & incentives, equity, and travel & transit. You can also optimize your retirement contribution to 5% with the simple click of a button—allowing you to take full advantage of JetBlue’s match.

How can this tool help me?

You can use the Total Rewards Statement in many ways, like to:

  • Review a snapshot of your current Benefits, Compensation and Work-Life information
  • Gain a better understanding of JetBlue’s investment in you
  • Share a copy with your family, financial advisor or insurance broker
  • Connect further and learn more about JetBlue’s robust benefits and programs


Do all Crewmembers have access to a statement?

The Total Rewards Statement is available to most domestic Crewmembers, but there are some exceptions. It is not available to College Crew, Interns, Seasonal, Retirees, Business Partners, Consultants, Tech Ventures and Internationally-based Crewmembers. Additionally, we are reviewing how to include Pilots in a later rollout.

How do I access the Total Rewards Statement?

Visit or access via a permanent link on HelloJetBlue.

What your statement really means

What exactly is my Total Rewards number?

Your Total Rewards number represents the projected value of your JetBlue compensation, benefits, and perks package based off of the most recent information we have on file. The number includes the value of rewards. The statement goes into more detail on each of the numbers on the following pages, such as:

  • Welcome screen: Provides a personalized snapshot of JetBlue’s total investment in you. It shows you important updates and key numbers such as your retirement account, health account balance, Healthy Rewards earned, PTO accrued, completed travel and more.
  • Total Rewards: Provides an at-a-glance breakdown of the different components that make up your Total Rewards number. From there, you can click on each category to get into more detail.
  • Compensation: You can check out your annualized base pay as well as variable types of earnings such as benefits, pay-for-performance, profit sharing, premium pay, holiday and PTO.
  • Health: Shows the annualized cost of the health accounts and medical benefits you’re currently enrolled in as well as the Spending Account and Seed Dollars you have accrued. A special Healthy Rewards section also gives you more information on the program. The “Optimize” button directs you to our Business Partner Rally’s website to help you earn your Healthy Rewards for the year!
  • Wealth: Provides an annualized projection of the current year contributions to your 401(k), Crewmember Stock Purchase Plan and JetBlue Equity Plan. There are also tabs providing more detailed information on these plans. If you have not maximized your 401(k) contribution to 5%, simply click the “Optimize” button to increase your contribution and JetBlue match.
  • Work-Life: You can view the different Work-Life programs you are enrolled in, such as TransitCheck or JCCF. You can also check out your available Life Insurance and Disability benefits in more detail by clicking on the benefit or by using the navigation tabs.
  • Travel: Shows the number of Pass Rides and Buddy Passes you’ve used based off of the data from MyIDTravel. This also includes flight privileges.
  • Recognition: You can view information on rewards earned, such as LiFT awards.
  • Other Programs: This includes information such as Life Insurance and Disability.
  • Contact: Here, you can find important information to help you reach out to JetBlue’s Business Partners.


Which numbers are not factored into my Total Rewards calculation?

Your Crewmember contributions towards things like your retirement plan, health account or JCCF are displayed in your statement, but not factored into the company total. For more details on the numbers behind each category of your Total Rewards calculation, click within the chart, or navigate through the table of contents on the left side of the page.

Where does my data come from and how often is it refreshed?

The below table provides information on the source of the data in your statement and how often it’s refreshed:
Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.33.27 AM

What can’t the Total Rewards Statement do?

While it’s pretty cool, the Total Rewards Statement has a few limitations:

  • It is not intended to replace BCSS or your Benefits enrollment confirmation statements.
  • It does not replace your pay check stubs.
  • Your 401(k) statement is available through T. Rowe Price, and your CSPP and JetBlue Equity statements are available through UBS/Fidelity.
  • The statement does not take into account any historical transactions, status changes or pay changes that occurred earlier in the year into its calculations. Its projections are based on your most recent pay data, employment status and benefit elections on record.
  • The numbers may appear inaccurate if you are a new hire or have had a status transfer, as it annualizes your information and calculates it based on the calendar year.


More details about the Total Rewards site

What does the “Optimize” button do?

The “Optimize” button allows you to take certain actions towards earning extra dollars that may be available to you. By clicking the “Optimize” button, here’s how you can maximize the full value of your rewards:

  • For Crewmembers contributing less than 5% to their 401(k) Plan, the “Optimize” button on the “401(k) Plan” page will help you maximize your retirement contribution to 5% (JetBlue match contribution) with the simple click of the button.
  • Under the “Healthy Rewards” section, the “Optimize” button links you to Rally’s website, so you can log in and earn free dollars to use toward your health expenses.


Where does the estimated cost on the Travel page come from?

This number is based on the average cost of a JetBlue flight of $167 (from 2015 Annual 10-K Report) multiplied by the number of Pass Rides and Buddy Passes you’ve used for the year.

Where can I see prior years’ statements?

On the site, you’ll find past years’ statements under the “Historical Statements” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Who can I send feedback to?

There is a feedback icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Total Rewards Statement. Please let us know what you think!

Is my information safe?

Yes, your Total Rewards Statement data is secure. JetBlue, T. Rowe Price, Optum and Fidelity send electronic file feeds to our Business Partner who generates and houses the statement. Our IT team has reviewed their data security programs with sensitivity to privacy, confidentiality, integrity, risks and controls. We are confident that your information and data are safe and secure.

Is my information shared with anyone else?

Your Total Rewards Statement and personal information is not shared with anyone else—either internal or external to JetBlue.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Total Rewards Statement?

Email the BlueBenefits team at, call 1-800-466-5062, or reach out to your Field Generalist team.