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    Total Rewards Statement

    The basics.

    Your Total Rewards Statement is your personalized portal that helps you maximize your health and wealth. It shows you information about all of your JetBlue rewards and can help you optimize the full value of your benefits with just the click of a button.

    About the Total Rewards Statement.

    About the Total Rewards Statement.

    When you view your Total Rewards Statement, you can see customized, in-depth information about the rewards you get from JetBlue. By rewards, we mean your pay, health and retirement benefits, work-life perks, travel, etc. With the click of a button, optimize your Healthy Rewards and 401(k) contribution to ensure you’re maximizing the value of these benefits. Log in once per quarter (or more often) to watch your dollars grow! Access your Total Rewards Statement anytime and anywhere via phone, tablet or laptop.

    Use the Opty checklist found throughout your statement to point out ways to OPTIMIZE your rewards. The Opty checklist makes it easy to see if you’ve missed any opportunities to maximize your total rewards, including:

    • Healthy Rewards
    • 401(k) Contributions
    • CSPP
    • CSR—Community Connection Hours
    • 401(k) Beneficiary
    • Standby Travel

    Remember…use the OPTIMIZE button that appears throughout your statement to instantly make the most of your rewards.

    The Total Rewards Statement is currently not available to Pilots, JetBlue Travel Products, College Crew, Interns, Seasonal, Retirees, Business Partners, Consultants, Tech Ventures, Salary Continuation, Internationally-based Crewmembers, Opt-Out program participants or Withdrawn Crewmembers.

    Check your Total Rewards Statement now.

    You will need your JetBlue username and password to access outside of JetBlue’s network. Remember to log out completely from any shared computer when you’re finished.

    Learn more about your Total Rewards Statement.

    Discover answers to questions you may have about your Total Rewards Statement.