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    When you aren’t feeling well or have an accident, you might need to see a doctor or get a prescription, quick! BlueBenefits offers you the resources you and your family need for short-term medical attention.

    COVID-19 Resources.

    For COVID-19 support on our Benefits site, click here.

    If you’re enrolled in JetBlue Medical and are looking for information on COVID-19, including testing sites near you and symptom assessments—Engage can help. Register for Engage now.

    Your checklist.

    Your checklist.


    Check your Medical Option coverage so you understand the cost of services.

    If you need to see a doctor, you’ll want to review your medical coverage and know where to find in-network providers and less-costly facilities (urgent care centers) so you can save money.

    You can also use the Engage personalized wellness app to search for a doctor, condition or medical procedure and compare quality and costs to get the most out of your Medical Option. And if you set up your Care Team, you’ll have quick access to your doctor’s contact information.

    BlueCarpet is a great go-to resource. Call 1-866-529-1675 if you:

    • Need help scheduling appointments.
    • Are looking for an in-network provider.
    • Have health-related questions—BlueCarpet has a great team of nurses to help you understand your condition and provide personalized support.

    Download the BlueCarpet Guide.

    Video chat with a doctor (including a pediatrician) or counselor (including a psychologist or psychiatrist) anytime, anywhere with LiveHealth Online—open to all JetBlue Crewmembers and their families (even if not enrolled in JetBlue Medical). Register for the program now so it’s ready to use when you need. Then, be sure to use coupon code: JETBLUECREW to pay just $20 a service. If you’re enrolled in JetBlue Medical, remember to include your coverage details when you register. NOTE: If you enter your insurance information when prompted, your coverage will override the discount.

    You’ll find the LiveHealth Online mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

    JetBlue Medical.

    Make an appointment with your JetBlue Medical in-network doctor or go to an urgent care center. For true emergencies, go directly to an emergency room.

    Check your Medical Option details for in-network providers.

    CVS MinuteClinics.

    When you are under the weather, remember, you can go to a CVS MinuteClinic. And if you’re enrolled in JetBlue Medical, it’s considered an in-network office visit.

    LiveHealth Online.

    LiveHealth Online gives you and your family 24/7 online access to board-certified doctors (including pediatricians) so you can get care (even a prescription) without the hassle of the waiting room. Video chat with a doctor for treatment of colds, flus, allergies, fevers, infections, bronchitis, upset stomachs and many other acute health issues. Each session is only $20 when you use the code: JETBLUECREWNOTE: If you enter your insurance information when prompted, your coverage will override the discount.

    This program is available to ALL Crewmembers and their families, even if you’re not enrolled in JetBlue Medical.

    BlueCarpet Nurse.

    If you’re enrolled in JetBlue Medical, call BlueCarpet and speak to a nurse 24/7.

    Time off.

    If you need to take time off from work, review the Leaves of Absence information to learn the steps to take for the type of leave that fits your need.


    Engage is your go-to tool for simplifying your healthcare journey—it helps you find care quicker than ever before. U.S.-based Crewmembers and adult dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical can use Engage to simplify your healthcare journey. You can easily search for quality providers or clinics near you or search a condition and learn about treatment. With Engage, you can also access helpful benefits like LiveHealth Online and BlueCarpet. Click here to find out how to register for Engage and learn more about everything Engage has to offer.