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    Qualified life events

    The basics.

    If you have a Qualified Life Event during the year, you can make updates to your Benefits without having to wait for the annual Open Enrollment period. But don’t delay—you must take action within 90 days of your event.

    Note: For status transfers, you can only enroll in benefits that were unavailable to you under your prior employment status, such as Medical or Long Term Disability coverage.

    Find your life event.

    Find your life event.

    Qualified Life Event: When new coverage begins:
    Marriage or divorce On the date of the life event
    Birth or adoption of a child On the date of the life event
    Ineligibility of a dependent On the date of the life event
    New eligibility of a dependent On the first of the month after documentation is received
    Gain or loss of coverage by you or a dependent On the date of the life event
    Death of a dependent On the date of the life event
    Status or base transfer includes:

    • Transferring from Part Time to Full Time (Status Transfer)
    • Transferring from a Blue City with State Disability to one without (Base Transfer)
    • Transferring from the U.S. to another country or vice versa (Country Transfer)
    On the first of the month after the transfer

    Steps to change coverage.

    Steps to change coverage.

    If you wish to change your benefits, follow these steps within 90 days of your Qualified Life Event:

    1. Gather any required documents.

    Before you log on to change your benefits, gather any required documents (if applicable) for your Qualified Life Event and all Benefits-eligible dependents (e.g., marriage or birth certificate).

    NOTE: To enroll family members in Medical, Dental and/or Vision, you must first provide necessary proof of eligibility for each dependent—see the list of required dependent documentation.

    2. Go online.

    Log on to BlueCrew Self Service (BCSS) and select Benefits then Manage Life Events & Dependents.

    3. Submit any required documents.

    Select New Life Event Request from step 2 or on the lower left of the screen. Follow the steps to submit your Life Event, and add or edit eligible dependents, then upload and submit applicable documents (e.g., marriage or birth certificate). NOTE: You may only cover eligible dependents. BlueBenefits will review your documentation for sufficiency and email you with approval.

    4. Choose your benefits.

    After you receive an approval email from BlueBenefits, log back on to BlueCrew Self Service (BCSS), select Benefits, then Benefits Enrollment. Click on your applicable Life Event to make your Benefit elections. Select the options you want to enroll in, then click Add to Cart. NOTE: If you’re making changes to your Benefits after your effective date of coverage, retro-deductions will apply.


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