Doctors online.

Feel better faster by seeing a doctor anytime, anywhere with LiveHealth Online* — a convenient service available to all JetBlue Crewmembers and their families!

Using a computer or mobile device, you’ll connect face-to-face with a doctor via two-way video chat for the special Crewmember rate of just $20 a session when you use coupon code: JETBLUECREW. Just register, pick a doctor and you’ll have a fast and easy way to get care when you need it.

With LiveHealth Online, you get:

* Immediate access to doctors 24/7, 365 days a year

* Secure and private two-way video chats with board-certified doctors

* Prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy

LiveHealth Online is bigger and better than other telemedicine services because doctors can help with colds, flus, allergies, fevers, infections, bronchitis, upset stomachs and many other health issues. It’s a service for everyone!

Don’t wait until you’re sick — download the LiveHealth Online app to your mobile device or visit today to register.
*Visit to check availability in your state.