My Rewards.

JetBlue makes it easy to earn Healthy Rewards.

However, keep in mind that there is a limit to how much you can earn:

  • Part-Time Crewmembers or waived Medical: $250
  • Crewmembers enrolled in Full-Time Medical: $400
  • Crewmembers and dependents enrolled in Full-Time Medical: $800

Get started earning Healthy Rewards by discovering the eligible activities you can complete.
Click below to see how much you can earn for each activity.


  • Vision and hearing exams — earn $25

  • Education and self-improvement — earn $25

    Including Rally health challenges, using alternative medicines, and getting preventive immunizations.

  • Community and safety programs — earn $25

    Including Station Safety fairs, defensive driving courses, and volunteering.


  • Dental cleanings — earn $50

    Receiving routine dental cleanings twice a year.

  • Participation in sports and safety programs — earn $50

    Including coaching youth teams, self-defense classes, CPR certification.


Complete the Rally Health Survey — earn $75

Register through to complete the survey.


Lifestyle and preventive programs — earn $100

Including smoking cessation.


Preventive exams and screenings — earn $150

Including biometric screenings.


Annual physicals and other preventive screenings — earn $200

Including mammograms and colonoscopies.


Connecting with an expert for specialized health care needs — earn $250

Including HealthyMoms HappyBabies, setting personal wellness goals, diabetes, cancer care and more.

Note: You can earn credit on behalf of your eligible dependents for participating in programs.

Additional Healthy Rewards not subject to
the $400/$800 cap.

BlueCarpet Enhanced Care Management Programs — $250 ($500 Crewmember + spouse) for working with a nurse to stay well, like HealthyMoms HappyBabies, or for help with an ongoing condition, such as cancer, low back pain, multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes, heart disease and more.

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