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    Peace of mind

    When you’re not feeling like yourself, it’s good to talk with someone to help find balance and deal with stress. BlueBenefits offers programs that can help you.

    Your checklist.

    Your checklist.


    Chat with your Crewleader, a Wellness Champion or the Crew Relations team.

    A simple conversation with peer support may help you better organize the work side of things so you can focus on getting the support you need personally.

    Find therapists you can feel comfortable talking to with Navigator. Navigator offers 6 free therapy sessions for you and your household members (age 6+).

    Easy and personalized.

    • Get care anywhere. Access mental health professionals—whether you’re at home or on the go—through Spring Health’s website or mobile app.
    • A personalized care plan. Take a quick assessment to get a care plan tailored to you. Your plan might include therapy, coaching, Moments (a wellness-focused audio library for topics such as anxiety, burnout and sleep hygiene) or a combination of care.

    Dedicated support and fast access.

    • Your Care Navigator. Get unlimited access to a Care Navigator, a dedicated clinician who can help you understand your assessment, create a care plan, schedule sessions, and check in with you along the way.
    • Free therapy. 6 therapy sessions per year are covered by JetBlue (at no cost to you) for each household member. Use them anytime you’d like—they renew every year.
    • Quick appointments. Therapy appointments are available in an average of 2 days.

    Culturally diverse mental health professionals.

    • Therapists you can relate to. Browse Spring Health’s network to find someone you’ll feel comfortable talking to—personalize support, search by specialty (such as LGBTQ+ identity), gender, ethnicity and languages spoken.

    To register, go to

    Questions? Call 1-855-629-0554, Option 3 (available 0800 – 2000 ET).


    Once you’ve completed your 6 free therapy sessions, you have access to Behavioral Health coverage, which includes Mental Health and Substance Use services, through Anthem or UHC’s provider network. Click here to find more information on accessing these services.


    Connect with Navigator—mental wellness powered by Spring Health—for 6 free, confidential Counseling sessions each year.

    How to get started:

    1. Sign up on Spring Health’s digital first platform. Visit and create your account.
    2. Take a quick assessment. It will only take a few minutes, and the questions will help Spring Health identify your immediate needs and long-term goals.
    3. Get a personalized care plan. Your care plan may include therapy, mindfulness exercises, consultations with specialists, or some combination of care.
    4. Meet your Care Navigator. Speak with your dedicated Care Navigator, a licensed clinician who can answer questions about your care plan, make appointments, and schedule check-ins along the way.
    5. Call for help. For immediate assistance, call Spring Health at 1-855-629-0554, Option 3 (available 0800 – 2000 ET).

    Pro Tip: Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical and all Pilots will earn $25 in Healthy Rewards for registering (up to the max amount you are eligible for.)


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