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    Destination : Family
    Adoption Assistance

    The basics.

    The happiness and fulfillment of adopting a child often comes with a significant financial expense to the adopting parents. The DESTINATION : FAMILY Adoption Assistance program provides financial reimbursement to help cover adoption or surrogacy-related expenses.

    How it works.

    How it works.

    Adoption Assistance is designed to help Crewmembers in build or extend their families through adoption and/or surrogacy. This program provides financial reimbursement, up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000, to assist in the new adoption of an eligible child or for surrogacy-related expenses. Participation in the program is subject to approval. You access the program by following these steps to submit your request for financial assistance:

    1. Download and complete the Adoption/Surrogacy Financial Reimbursement Form.
    2. Email, fax or mail your form along with itemized receipts and other necessary documentation (see form for details) to the BlueBenefits Team.
    3. You must send BlueBenefits your form and documentation within 90 days of the finalization of the adoption or birth of the eligible child (see below for contact information).
    4. Check your paystub. Once approved, the reimbursement amount will be included in your paycheck within two pay cycles. Expenses related to adoptions are generally tax-exempt; however, surrogacy-related reimbursements are fully taxable as earned income to the Crewmember.

    About reimbursements.

    About reimbursements.

    Expenses related to the adoption of an eligible child from a qualifying adoption agency can be reimbursed up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000. Surrogacy expenses are also eligible for reimbursement up to the $10,000 limit. However, if you are requesting reimbursement for both an adoption and surrogacy, the reimbursement may not exceed $10,000 in total. You may apply for reimbursement of eligible adoption and/or surrogacy expenses upon the finalization of the adoption or birth of the eligible child.

    Eligible expenses include:

    • Qualified adoption agency and application fees
    • Home study costs
    • Attorney fees and court costs
    • Transportation and travel expenses directly related to the adoption
    • Lodging
    • Immigration fees
    • Foreign adoption fees
    • Placement fees
    • Maternity fees for the birth mother not otherwise covered by health insurance
    • Expenses related to using a surrogate mother

    Eligibility requirements.

    Eligibility requirements.

    To use the program, you must:

    • Be a Full- or Part-Time Crewmember
    • Be based in the United States
    • Have been employed by JetBlue for at least two consecutive years

    If both adopting parents are employed by JetBlue, only one Crewmember is eligible for reimbursement. Ineligible Crewmembers are those based outside of the United States, including Puerto Rico, or are classified as FlexCrew or Interns.

    Eligibility requirements for the adoptive child:

    • The adoptive child must be under the age of 18 or the result of a surrogacy agreement. If the child is over the age of 18, the child must be physically or mentally incapable of caring for him or herself.

    You cannot receive Adoption Assistance if the child is related to you in any way, or is your:

    • Stepchild
    • Grandchild
    • Domestic partner’s child

    To be considered as a qualifying adoption agency, the agency must be:

    • A state or local government agency that has responsibility under state and local law for child placement through adoption
    • A non-profit, voluntary adoption agency that is authorized by state or local law to place children for adoption
    • Any other source authorized by a state to provide adoption placement if the adoption is supervised by a court under state or local law
    • A foreign government or an agency authorized by a foreign government to place children for adoption

    Important information about the IRS.

    Important information about the IRS.

    You may be eligible for a tax credit from the IRS, which may be more financially favorable than the reimbursement provided by JetBlue. Under IRS regulations, you may not take a tax credit for adoption expenses that have been reimbursed by JetBlue. You should consult a tax advisor to get information on the most beneficial option before submitting for reimbursement of expenses under this program. For further information on federal income tax regulations for adoption expenses, visit the IRS website.

    How to access services.

    1. Phone: Call BlueBenefits at 1-800-466-5062 ask the BlueBenefits Team about the DESTINATION : FAMILY Adoption Assistance program.
    2. Download and complete the Adoption/Surrogacy Financial Reimbursement Form when you’re ready to submit it for reimbursement.

    Download the Adoption/Surrogacy Financial Reimbursement Form.

    Download the Adoption/Surrogacy Financial Reimbursement Form and submit it to BlueBenefits within 90 days of the finalization of the adoption or birth of the eligible child. The form and all documentation should be submitted via email, fax or mail to:

    27-01 Queens Plaza North, 7th Floor
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Phone: 1-800-466-5062
    Fax: 1-718-228-8911

    Also be sure to review the BlueCarpet Guide.


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