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    Crewmember Stock Purchase Plan (CSPP)

    The basics.

    Own a piece of the company! Enroll in the Crewmember Stock Purchase Plan (CSPP), administered through Fidelity, and buy JetBlue stock at a discount. The CSPP allows you to buy shares of JetBlue stock through post-tax payroll deductions with a 15% discount. You can enroll in the plan throughout the year except for certain blackout dates (see below). Purchasing stock in the CSPP gives you another way to save money while supporting JetBlue.

    How to enroll in the CSPP.

    How to enroll in the CSPP.

    1. Log in to (first time users: click on Register as a New User).
    2. Click Enroll on Crewmember Stock Purchase Plan and then Get Started.
    3. Enter your personal profile and employment information, and select your email preferences.
    4. Review and verify the information you entered and click Edit to make any changes or Confirm My Information if all is accurate.
    5. Review documents and terms and click Open Account at the bottom and Continue to enter and submit your payroll deduction.
    6. Make a note of your confirmation number for your records.

    Need help? Call a Fidelity Stock Plan Services Representative at 1-800-544-9354.

    If you have any questions, email

    Enrollment schedule.

    Enrollment schedule.

    Enrollment windows Enrollment blackout dates Contribution dates Last date to withdraw with refund Purchase dates
    May 5–October 20
    (last date to enroll or increase your contribution rate for the April purchase)
    April 21–May 4 November 1–last business day in April April 20 Last business day in April
    November 5–April 20
    (last date to enroll or increase your contribution rate for the October purchase)
    October 20–November 4 May 1–last business day in October October 19 Last business day in October