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    The Summer BlueStep Challenge is a Walk in the Park.

    The Summer BlueStep Challenge: The results are in!

    Congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Rock Climbers—your team crushed the BlueStep Challenge!

    With an average of almost 46.95 miles, you really stepped it up! Altogether, 1,250 Crewmembers walked 47,497.81 miles during the competition.

    Visit Rally to check your personal ranking on the leaderboard and give yourself a pat on the back! Remember: just for joining, you’ve been entered into the raffle to win from a selection of wellness prizes. Winners will be notified via email by BlueBenefits. JetBlue Medical enrollees and Pilots, if you’ve reached the 35 mile Trophy Milestone, log into Optum Financial to see your $100 in Healthy Rewards (subject to the 2021 max). You can expect to see the reward in your account within seven business days.

    Thanks to everyone who participated.

    We’re thrilled that you participated and hope you had a chance to get out and explore a few trails and parks near you.

      Team Average Miles

    1. Rocky Mountain Rock Climbers 46.95

    2. Yellowstone Steppers 46.41

    3. Grand Canyon Globetrotters 42.92

    4. Everglade Explorers 42.87

    5. Acadia Adventurers 40.66

    6. Redwood Ramblers 37.08


    Between Monday, July 19, and Sunday, August 1, join fellow Crewmembers in the special two-week BlueStep Challenge: A Walk in the Park.

    The challenge is open to all Full-Time and Part-Time Crewmembers based in the U.S.—even if you’re not enrolled in JetBlue Medical. By reaching weekly step milestones on Rally (our Business Partner’s website), all Crewmembers qualify to win from a selection of wellness swag—and eligible Crewmembers (Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical and all Pilots) can earn Healthy Rewards.

    Registration opens Wednesday, July 14. The BlueStep Challenge begins Monday, July 19.

    How it works:

    How it works:


    1. Pick a team and register on Rally.

    July is Park & Recreation Month! For this summer challenge, we’re mixing up the competition with six teams that represent our favorite National Parks. Select your favorite team and register on Rally (see instructions below) starting July 19. The team with the highest amount of average steps at the end of the two-week competition will be the champions!

    As a participant, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a raffle prize (from a selection of wellness giveaways) by completing the challenge if you walk a total of 35 miles (70,000 steps)—that’s an average of 5,000 steps per day over the 14-day period.

    Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical and Pilots will also earn $100 in Healthy Rewards.

    Rocky Mountain Rock Climbers
    Redwood Ramblers
    Acadia Adventurers
    Grand Canyon Globetrotters
    Yellowstone Steppers
    Everglades Explorers


    2. Connect your device to Rally.

    To participate, connect your fitness tracking device to Rally (see below for directions), or you can choose to manually enter your steps. Do your daily exercises consist of more than walking? Click here to convert your activity to mileage. Every step you take helps your team trot to the top, while improving your health.


    3. HELLO MONEY! Earn $100 in Healthy Rewards.

    Achieve a trophy milestone (2.5 miles or approximately 5,000 steps per day = 35 miles over the 14-day challenge).

    Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical and all Pilots will earn $100 in Healthy Rewards (up to the max amount you are eligible for). Expect to see the reward appear in your Optum Financial account within seven business days after the challenge ends.

    Here’s how it adds up:
    Trophy Milestone
    (Your total goal for the two week challenge—reach this and you can earn Healthy Rewards, if enrolled in JetBlue Medical or a Pilot.)
    35 miles
    Avg. Miles Per Day 2.5 miles
    Total Healthy Rewards $100
    (Crewmembers enrolled in JetBlue Medical and Pilots are subject to the maximum amount eligible.)

    Register and connect your device.

    Register and connect your device.

    To register and connect your fitness device or smart phone to Rally, access your account any time on or through the Rally app, available on iTunes or Google Play. See below for details on how to join and connect your device.

    Don’t have a Rally account? No problem!

    Click here for steps to register your account through Rally. Then follow the instructions below to join the challenge and connect your device. Need help with your account? Call BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675 or email

    Rally makes it easy so you can use the most common trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Jawbone, Misfit, etc.). If you haven’t already synced your device to Rally, when you join the challenge, the system will prompt you to do so. For additional instructions, check out syncing your device.

    Once you’ve logged into Rally, there are a few ways you can access and join the challenge:

    1. From the right side of the homepage: Link to the “Join the Summer BlueStep Challenge Now” card from the “Spotlight” section.
    2. From the bottom of the homepage: Click on the “View Challenge” button in the “Summer BlueStep Challenge” card from “Current Activities.”
    3. From the top menu bar, go to: Activities > Challenges > “Summer BlueStep Challenge” under the “Your Challenges” section. Here you may connect your device if you haven’t already done so.

    Once you’ve accessed the BlueStep Challenge page, follow the prompts to select a team and sync your device. Remember to check in often to sync your activity and see where you and your team rank on the leaderboard.