Health Reimbursement Accounts

When you enroll in the Full-Time Medical Green Plan, you get a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which is funded by JetBlue. You can use the money in this account to help pay eligible healthcare expenses, including your deductible and coinsurance.

Optum gives you two convenient ways to access your HRA funds: use your Optum Mastercard at the point-of-sale, or pay out-of-pocket and submit your claim for reimbursement.

With an HRA, your account balance rolls over year-to-year, as long as you remain enrolled in the Green Plan. You cannot add your own money or transfer HRA funds to any other account (such as an HSA or FSA).

How HRAs work.

1. JetBlue contributes money each year — you cannot contribute your own money.

JetBlue dollars For individual coverage: For family coverage:

Seed money: automatic annual contribution in January
(prorated for new hires)

CMs: $400
Pilots: $550
CMs: $800
Pilots: $1,100

Healthy Rewards earnings
(if you complete certain activities, including the Account Plans Tutorial for new hires)

CMs: $550
Pilots: $400
CMs: $1,100
Pilots: $800

Total JetBlue dollars*

$950 $1,900

* You can earn an additional $300 ($600 family) by working with a BlueCarpet nurse to care for an ongoing condition. 

2. Use JetBlue money in your HRA to pay eligible medical expenses, including your deductible. Or, choose to use your own money and save your HRA balance for future expenses — the choice is yours.

For more information, visit Optum’s Health Advantage Suite at
Eligible medical expenses include:

  • Fees such as deductibles, coinsurance, prescriptions and charges that exceed plan limits.
  • Services such as chiropractic visits, physical therapy and other services.

NOTE: You can use the money in your HRA to pay eligible healthcare expenses for yourself and your dependents (your spouse and children under age 26) as long as they are either enrolled in the Green Plan or they are claimed as your dependents on your taxes. Any balance you have from 2018 can be used to pay 2019 eligible expenses; however, you may not use 2019 money to pay for expenses incurred in 2018.

3. Get reimbursed for expenses.

It’s easy to access your HRA funds by using your Optum Mastercard. You may also submit a claim for reimbursement using Optum’s Health Advantage website or mobile app.

4. Contact Optum with questions.

Visit or call 1-866-529-1675 to contact Optum.

2019 Open Enrollment only—Pilots moving from Green to Blue Plan:

Pilots who switch from the Green Plan to the Blue Plan during the 2019 Open Enrollment period will continue to have access to unused HRA funds through a Limited-Purpose Post-Deductible HRA. The Limited-Purpose Post-Deductible HRA will only be available to Pilots who switch from the Green Plan to the Blue Plan during the 2019 Open Enrollment period, it will not be available to a Pilot who switches from the Green Plan to the Blue Plan in subsequent years. For example, a Pilot who switches from the Green Plan to the Blue Plan during the 2020 Open Enrollment Period will not have access to a Limited-Purpose Post-Deductible HRA. For more information about the Limited-Purpose Post-Deductible HRA and how it operates, contact BlueCarpet at 1-866-529-1675.