Get your Annual Physical Exam: Earn $200 in Healthy Rewards.

An Annual Physical Exam is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. During your visit, your doctor will do a physical exam and run tests to evaluate the current state of your health. This can help your doctor catch any problems early or even before they start.

You will earn $200 in Healthy Rewards for your Annual Physical Exam. Women can earn the $200 in Healthy Rewards for either an Annual Physical Exam or a Well-Woman Exam.

If you’re enrolled in a JetBlue Medical Option:

  • Schedule your Annual Physical Exam with your in-network doctor early in the year. If needed, BlueCarpet can help you find an in-network provider. You can also find one by going to and clicking Find Physician, Laboratory or Facility or and clicking Find A Doctor.
  • An Annual Physical Exam is covered 100% by your Medical Option if you go to an in-network doctor. Please note that some tests and lab work done during your exam might not be 100% covered by your Medical Option, so talk to your doctor to ensure you’re only receiving services that are considered part of the Annual Physical Exam.
  • After you complete your Annual Physical Exam, your $200 in Healthy Rewards will automatically be deposited into your Health Account within 4-5 weeks. No further action is required.

If you’re not enrolled in a JetBlue Medical Option:

You must take action following your exam to receive your $200 in Healthy Rewards. Log in to Rally and confirm you completed your Annual Physical Exam. You’ll receive your Healthy Rewards 5-7 business days after you confirm.