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    BlueCarpet (Anthem)

    Discover the BlueCarpet experience through Anthem.

    BlueCarpet—a FREE service that comes with the Core Savings, Blue and Green Options that help you navigate your unique healthcare experience.


    BlueCarpet is a FREE service designed to enhance what you get out of your JetBlue Medical Option through Anthem (Core Savings, Blue and Green Options). You can access personalized support from a dedicated Family Advocate, who is your single point of contact for all your health care needs. This trained expert is ready to answer questions, help you resolve claims and connect to resources. You can also access Clinical Advocates who are registered nurses and other licensed health professionals (such as oncologists and social workers). Clinical Advocates can provide guidance with any health condition, treatment options, help you plan for surgery, and everything in between.

    Who is eligible?

    BlueCarpet is only available to Crewmembers and dependents enrolled in JetBlue Medical through Anthem (Core Savings, Blue and Green Options).

    Get connected.

    When you enroll in JetBlue Medical through Anthem, your dedicated Family Advocate will provide their direct contact information. You can also call the BlueCarpet team at 1-866-627-0709 or use the chat feature on the Engage app.

    Note: When you call BlueCarpet, you'll need your Anthem member ID handy—that can be found on the Engage app or on your Anthem medical ID card.

    BlueCarpet can help you.

    • Understand the differences between the Core Savings, Blue and Green Medical Options
    • Locate doctors and other in-network providers near you, plus schedule an appointment for you
    • Help verify and understand anthem medical claims
    • Explain how to earn Healthy Reward dollars to use toward healthcare expenses
    • Connect you to other BlueCarpet programs like Building Healthy Families, Hinge Health, Cancer Care, WINFertility, Carrum Health and more
    • Connect with Inclusive Care guides for LGBTQIA+ individuals and families for customized support and access to best-in-class healthcare
    • Connect with Clinical Advocates—registered nurses and other licensed health professionals—for education and support with any health condition, treatments, surgeries and more
    • Help you find the right kind of support through Inclusive Care for LGBTQIA+ individuals and families