Benefit basics

Who You Can Cover

YOU, if you are a …
  • Full-Time or Part-Time Crewmember.
Your SPOUSE, if you are …
  • Legally married.

Marriage Certificate required.

Your CHILDREN, under the age of 26, if they are …
  • Your biological child,
  • Your legally adopted child or a child you are in the process of adopting (provided proper documentation is received),
  • Your stepchild,
  • A foster child who has been placed with you by an authorized placement agency or an order of a court, or
  • A child you are legally required to cover under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order.

Documentation required.

Your UNMARRIED CHILDREN of any age who are …
  • Disabled before reaching age 26 and
  • Dependent on you for support due to a mental or physical disability.

Proof of disability required.

When covering dependents, be sure to ONLY enroll those who qualify under JetBlue’s program.