Skies of blue…your Benefits, too!

Have a smooth Open Enrollment this year by reviewing the top things to know about your 2018 BlueBenefits.

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Did you hear? The IRS increased the Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) limit from $2,600 to $2,650 for 2018. If you have a Healthcare FSA, don’t forget to log on to BCSS to make your election.




Open Enrollment for your 2018 Benefits is October 12 – October 26.

Before you enroll, make sure you learn what’s new for next year, review your coverage, and decide which benefits you need. Then, go to BCSS between October 12 – October 26 to enroll.



Discover BlueRetirement: Plan for your future.

BlueRetirement has landed! With a little help from our friends at Empower, BlueRetirement offers top-notch customer service, easy-to-use tools, new features and resources, and fresh ways to save for the future. If you haven’t registered yet, visit to get started. Click here to learn more about your Retirement Benefits.



REMINDER: Coverage for Domestic Partnerships Ends December 31.

As we shared last year, Domestic Partners and their children will no longer qualify as eligible dependents under JetBlue’s Medical, Dental and Vision coverage beginning January 1, 2018. We encourage you to plan ahead for this change and explore other coverage options. Log into BCSS during Open Enrollment to check that your dependents are eligible and make updates for 2018. Please note: This will not impact your Domestic Partner’s eligibility for travel privileges or Life Insurance, only healthcare benefits.



There are updates to the Blue Plan.

Due to IRS changes, the Health Savings Account (HSA) annual maximum contribution, deductible and embedded out-of-pocket maximum will change for the Blue Plan in 2018. You still get seed dollars from JetBlue in January and can earn Healthy Rewards during the year to help you pay for qualified health expenses. Review the changes.



Check out the rate changes for 2018.

Green Plan Medical rates will increase modestly. Rates are also changing for Pilot Voluntary Long Term Disability/Loss of License coverage. Rates for the Blue Plan, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, Voluntary Long Term Disability and Legal Plan will remain the same. See all 2018 rates.


Call BlueCarpet for even more support through Navigator—launching in January.

Whether you have parenting, legal, divorce or finance questions, or you need support for anxiety, depression or substance abuse, Navigator can help you and your family members handle sensitive situations. More information is coming soon.


Join a gym for a discount, thanks to the new gym membership program.

Ready to break a sweat without breaking the bank? Starting January 2018, you and your family members (over age 18) will have access to Active&Fit Direct — a program that allows you to join one of 10,000+ different fitness centers nationwide for just $25 a month (plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee). Click here for more details.


30-hour Rule

Are you a Part-Time Crewmember? Then this one is for you! Under the Affordable Care Act, Crewmembers who averaged 30 or more hours per week over the “measurement period” are eligible for Medical coverage and the insurance will be locked in for the stability period. Eligible Crewmembers are required to have Medical insurance or she/he will be subject to tax penalties when federal tax returns are filed. Click here for more information on the 30-hour Rule and to see if you’re eligible.