Benefit basics

Making benefit changes.

Generally, once you enroll in your benefits, you cannot change your elections until the next Open Enrollment period. But, there are some exceptions during the year. You may be able to make changes if you have a Qualified Life Event, such as:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Ineligibility of a dependent
  • Gain or loss of coverage by you or your spouse due to a change at his/her job
  • Transfer in your employment status between Full-Time and Part-Time

    (NOTE: You can only enroll in benefits that were unavailable to you under your prior employment status, such as Full-Time Medical coverage or Long Term Disability)

  • Death of a dependent

How to make a change.

If you have a Qualified Life Event and wish to change your benefits, follow these steps within 90 days of your life event:

  1. Log onto and request a Qualified Life Event form.
  2. Fax supporting documentation to 1-718-228-8911.
  3. Add or remove dependents in BCSS (if applicable).
  4. Enroll in benefits and add dependents to each plan, as applicable.

After you complete the steps above, here’s when new coverage begins.

For changes due to … New coverage begins …
Gain/Loss of Coverage
On the date of the life event
Status or Base Transfer On the first of the month after the transfer
Other qualified events On the first of the month after documentation is received