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    It’s time to see how your numbers add up!

    Pay is just a piece of your overall earnings. Your Total Rewards Statement makes it simple to get to know the rewards you get from JetBlue and helps you grow your Benefits with the click of a button.

    Show you care and share Engage—spouses who register by AUG 31 could win a $100 gift card!

    Invite your spouse to create an account with Engage. They’ll see personalized details on Medical coverage and stay on top of health goals.

    How to live well.

    For Life’s Moments.

    Find out how BlueBenefits has you covered no matter what life sends your way.

    New Crewmember.

    I’m new to JetBlue.

    Sick or injured.

    I need to find care now.

    Hello Wellness!

    I want to be physically, financially and emotionally healthy.

    Healthcare 101.

    I need help understanding healthcare lingo.

    Take a leave.

    I need to take a leave of absence.

    Money challenges.

    I need help with my finances.

    Blue Carpet

    Get the most out of your BlueBenefits.

    Discover the BlueCarpet experience.


    Kind people who are always willing to go that extra mile.


    On-the-spot answers to questions about Benefits and more.


    Your easy way to connect to great programs and services.


    We’re happy to have you onboard. We want you to live well. That’s why we strive to provide a benefits offering packed full of perks, support and resources to make your life better. Find out everything you need to know and do as you start your journey at JetBlue.